A Russian tourist visited the famous Ritsa Lake in Abkhazia and described it with the words “muddy swamp”. He told about what became of the popular attraction of the country in his blog on the Yandex. Zen platform.

As the traveler noted, during a vacation in Gagra, he learned from local residents that the Ritsa Lake lost its turquoise color and became dirty. The Russian went to check the rumors personally and was disappointed with what he saw.

“Unfortunately, our wishes were not destined to come true. The ritz was really dirty. The water is like in some muddy swamp, ” the tourist described the pond.

However, the author of the blog decided to find out what happened to the lake. As it turned out, there is no garbage in the Ritz — according to a local driver, a mud stream recently descended into the river that feeds the reservoir, so the color of the water changed from turquoise to greenish.

The Russian personally confirmed the words of the Abkhazian, having reached the Auadhara valley during a walk, where ” mud from the slopes got into the river.” He noted that to return the blue color to the lake, the place of the mudslide must be cleared.

“So don’t worry too much. I think that by the tourist season, the locals will still cope with the problem,” the traveler concluded.

Earlier in June, the Russians were told about the absence of fines for bathing drunk in Abkhazia-this was stated by the Minister of Tourism of Abkhazia Astamur Bartsits. The official noted that the main thing is not to punish the ruble, but to create such conditions that the vacationer does not violate the rules.