Since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry has received more than 5 thousand appeals from Russians who were on the territory of a foreign state in connection with threats.

“Many of our compatriots point to the terror unleashed in Ukrainian cities by representatives of the so—called defense forces and others who received weapons during their uncontrolled distribution,” TASS quotes the department’s report “On violations of the rights of Russian citizens and compatriots in foreign countries.”

It is also noted that in most letters citizens asked to be informed about safe ways of evacuation from Ukraine to Russia and other countries.

In April, a Russian citizen, historian and archaeologist Oksana Maryakhina, said that she was beaten by Ukrainians in Greece.

She added that she had already made her first statement to the police, now she was going to go to the forensic medical examiner, after which she would contact the police again and supplement the information.