Action "Spark of memory" was held on Monday at the Russian Embassy in the USA, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

"In Moscow, 4 in the morning. Exactly 79 years ago our country was attacked by enemies. Came to kill us. We defended not only defended our Homeland, but also liberated most of Europe. Today more than ever, it is sad that in the world there are countries, there are politicians, there are people who are questioning the indisputable fact that the Soviet Union dealt a blow to the Nazi hordes and the Victory in the great Patriotic war belongs to the Soviet Union and the red army", – told the audience Ambassador Anatoly Antonov.

Turning to standing with candles in the hands of students, he said that gives them the baton of struggle for the truth.

"Today we bow our heads before the soldiers and officers who gave their lives for their country, gave their lives to save humanity from the brown plague. Nothing can be forgotten. We do not allow" the diplomat said.

This was followed by a moment of silence.

The action started at 21: 00 local time, that is, at 4.00 in Moscow. At this hour, in 1941, Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union.

It was attended by diplomats, Embassy staff and students from Podolsk school. They put candles on the ground in the Garden of Memory of the Embassy before the arrangement of candles in the shape of a star and the eternal flame.