The Russian Embassy in Prague on the area of Nemtsov explained the decision to change the address

the Russian Embassy in Prague explained the change of address of the main building in the Czech capital. It is stated on the Embassy page in Facebook.

the Russian Embassy pointed out the inaccuracy of the information about using the address of the Consulate as the new. According to him, the Prague city hall sent a notice of termination of existence of addresses of the main building of the Embassy (area Under the Chestnuts, 1) and the fixing of a new — Korunovacni, 36.

“the name of the street is the historic Korunovacni used over a hundred years and we think the probability of its renaming is much lower than that suddenly appeared in the Czech capital of the toponym “Piazza Boris Nemtsov,” — said the diplomat.

They also expressed surprise about the fact how the Czech Ministry of foreign Affairs “so hastily gave the public the contents of this note, which bore a purely technical nature”. “It seems that this story is intentionally trying to make a political aspect”, — said in the message

Earlier it was reported that Russian diplomats refused to use the new address. It was reported that instead the Embassy will start using the address of the building of the consular Department, located 400 metres away in another street.

Nemtsov was shot dead on February 27, 2015 in Central Moscow. The murder case was convicted of five natives of the North Caucasus, they were sentenced from 11 to 20 years of imprisonment. However, the customer was not named. President Vladimir Putin called the murder of custom and provocative policy.