United Nations, 29 Sep – RIA Novosti. The US is using the situation with coronavirus in Venezuela to provide political and military pressure on the country’s leadership, said first zampolpreda of the Russian Federation to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy.

the Diplomat expressed surprise at the fact that it was decided to discuss Venezuela in the context of coronavirus, whereas the incidence of COVID in the Republic are lower than in many Latin American countries. “So what is the point of discussion of this issue today? According to reports, the neighbouring country deserve such discussion a lot more than Venezuela,” said the diplomat.

He recalled that the financial resources of Venezuela with a total value of $ 9 billion seized in the USA and several European countries. According to him, the money could be directed at improving the social security system, the purchase of necessary equipment and medicines abroad. “The countries of the European Union in this respect no better than US as they guided us actions in fear itself to fall under sanctions,” – said Polanski.

as an example, he pointed out that as of April 2020 the American Citibank in new York froze belonging to the Central Bank of Venezuela assets worth $ 350 million and began the transfer of these funds to the United States Federal reserve. “Major assets owned by Venezuela, was also confiscated in the UK, Portugal, Belgium, Germany,” – said the first Deputy zampolpreda.

“Repeatedly heard assurances from the US that sanctions supposedly do not affect ordinary people, like medical supplies and food “is excluded from the sanctions list of products”. However, as has been proven many times, these exceptions are not working as foreign banks and companies seek to avoid indirect sanctions for transactions with the government of Venezuela,” the diplomat said. Therefore, according to him, such illegal coercive measures make it practically impossible to purchase medical equipment, food, vaccines, spare parts to supply key industries of the country.

“We are dealing with the extraterritorial imposition of sanctions by the United States by means of threats, blackmail and outright violations of international law,” – said Polanski.

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