These powerful shock system designed to destroy strategic military targets, the destruction of artillery and mortar batteries, armored vehicles, anti-tank weapons, air and missile defense systems and manpower. An important advantage of artillery is the ability to choose targets and to direct the instrument by means of the special automated system of control of the battery commander, and directly in the fighting compartment of a combat vehicle. For shooting from 2S19M2 can be used by managed and unmanaged high-explosive projectiles.

the Upgraded self-propelled howitzer made on the basis of 152-mm “Msta-S”. She was adopted over thirty years ago, passed through several stages of improvement, but far from exhausted its potential. Its most modern versions 2С19М1 and 2S19M2 produced in series, are supplied to the Russian army, and for tactical and technical parameters are not inferior or even superior to their foreign counterparts.

it is Known that the latest version of “Msta” index 2S19M2, the object of special respect from the gunners, equipped with additional equipment such as indicators, gunner and loader, on-Board electronic computing machine with a modem, a display and digital sensor angle of elevation of the gun. Coupled with automated removal of empty cartridge cases, enhanced armor, the possibility of combat operation of the unit power did the Russian self-propelled howitzer excellent impact tool.

Her dignity – the maximum firing range. Due to the automated loading of the projectile and mechanized loading charge rate of fire prepared ammunition is more than eight rounds per minute. Today in the world there are not a lot of military equipment this type of striking targets at a distance of almost 30 kilometers. Given that the ammunition of 50 rounds of this self-propelled guns are high-explosive, active-reactive jammers, as well as precision-guided munitions “Krasnopol” and the advantages of our tracked howitzers become apparent.