Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov said that the article of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on the Second world war, aroused great interest in the United States.

the Russian diplomatic mission sent to the publication manual of the American foreign Ministry, a leading non-governmental organizations, embassies of several Western European countries and the CIS.

“the Publication sparked considerable interest and gave a start to the beginning of the debate. At least, my interlocutors stressed the importance of a serious conversation about historical memory, noting that it affects contemporary political relations and relations in the field of security”, — quotes the Russian diplomat TASS.

As noted by Antonov, the state Department said that “we need time to ponder the thesis of the Russian President.”

however, as previously reported, Poland was dissatisfied with the article of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, in which he investigated the circumstances of the beginning of world war II. In particular, Polish politicians did not like what Putin has accused the Polish government of that time, that it threw “his people under the roller of the Nazi machine of destruction”.