The explosion of the Sun is unlikely, his behavior is calculated and checked, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Director of the Institute of space research Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Petrukovich.

Earlier it was reported about the beginning of a new cycle of solar activity.

"Extremely unlikely. The behavior of the Sun as a fusion reactor, calculated and verified", – he said, answering the question if the Sun suddenly explode.

The scientist added that an external catastrophic impacts on the moon can provide, for example, the explosion of a neighboring star.

"But we have a quiet place in the galaxy, a supernova in our neighborhood are extremely rare. The nearest to us star, which theoretically can explode, there are dozens of light-years. This blue giants, and they are all in phase, which is still far from the explosions," explained Petrukovich.

He noted that to imagine a different mechanism of exposure to the Sun is quite difficult, so any other predictions are not based on scientific knowledge.

"Also, for example, you can assume that there will be evil aliens, and conquer us. We know a huge number of options when stars explode, but this is not the case", – said the scientist.