The rocket ships of the Baltic fleet recaptured conventional air attack

Practical artillery firing at the marine ranges of the Baltic fleet at Kaliningrad coast held the crews of small missile ships “Mytishchi”, “Sovetsk”, “Rain”, “Passat” and missile boat “Morshansk” and “R-257”.

As reported in Department of information support a press-services ZVO on the Baltic fleet, the event of the combat training was planned. The crews trained to repel air attacks of the simulated enemy in various heights and directions.

as targets, simulating means of air attack used an illuminating artillery shells. They were put out of 152-mm divisional self-propelled howitzers “acacia” from Cape Taran on the beach.

Combat exercises were performed in three groups of ships, one by one. Shooting was conducted from the naval guns AK-630. The ships were activated electronic warfare and delivered active and passive interference.

In the near future, the calculations of rocket-artillery combat units ships will perform electronic missile launches. Sailors will practice the application of cruise missile strikes on marine and coastal targets.