the aim of the project “Discover the story” was to digitize and organize information from a collection of paper items and photographs in electronic databases of the theater. The success of the project owes to volunteers. “Discover the story” brought together concerned people from more than 60 countries of the world: USA, Australia, Brazil, India, China, many countries of Europe and of course Russia. They carefully checked and supplemented with information at each stage of the project to eliminate possible errors and to bring electronic versions of the documents to the original.

In the final part of the project systematized the data in accordance with the requirements of the Museum staff. They have set up automatic translation with pre-revolutionary orthography modern Russian language, filled in the missing fields, corrected typos, gave the figures and the texts to a common format.

“Done a great job, which hardly managed to make in such a short time without the latest technological developments ABBYY and without human factor, without love to the Bolshoi theatre thousand volunteers from different countries, – said Vladimir urin, General Director of the Bolshoi theatre. In these summer days when the world just froze, and forced a Large theater is not showing performances for several months, I am particularly pleased to thank our partners – ABBYY our faithful viewers who have spent three years to carry out a unique project to digitize the archives of the Bolshoi theatre. Thousands of photos, posters, daily programs, our performances in the near future will be accessible not only to specialists, historians of the theatre who come to work in the Museum.”