MOSCOW, 1 may – RIA Novosti. The researchers studied the skeletons of three slaves “first generation” who came from Africa into the territory of modern Mexico is still the XVI century, and found numerous injuries and infections, according to the Institute of research in the field of human history the max-Planck (MPI SHH) in the German city of Jena.

it is Reported that scientists of the Institute together with the National Institute of anthropology and history in Mexico has analyzed the three skeletons from a mass grave, their genetic data, and isotopes.

the analysis of the remains of three people, researchers found traces of numerous injuries. In addition, the results showed that one of them was infected with a strain of the virus of hepatitis B. the other showed signs of yaws. These findings can prove the point that a number of infectious diseases were brought to the continent from the Old world to the result of the slave trade.