Benedict is No Breakfast without Eggs!!! The hearty Breakfast with the poached eggs is not currently an integral part of the menu. Little Smalltalk-Know for the next Brunch: the eggs owes dining, allegedly, a stock broker by the name of Mr. Benedict. He should eliminate have invented the dish in 1894 in New York, its a bad hangover (our Anti-hangover tips here) with a hearty Breakfast. As far as the legend.

Meanwhile, every Café, it is also just a bit on Instagram-Fame, Benedict, the eggs in the offer. Even Rapper Shindy has immortalized the Breakfast with eggs in his Song “Eggs Benedict”: “Seating’ in the Restaurant before the real estate sharks, sea view, Hollandaise Sauce on the Eggs Benedict, I ask myself, what is life,” it says in the epic Rap. Clearly, the Eggs Benedict eggs, and Shindy have.

Eggs Benedict: preparation

But before we digress, we return to the initial question: How do you make Eggs Benedict? And especially, how to poached an Egg? The answer: One only has to dare! Here are the main steps to come, so that the poached Egg is a success.


  • fresh eggs
  • 500 – 750 ml water
  • 1-2 TABLESPOONS vinegar, if vinegar is slightly less

1. The water with a lid and bring to a boil. it is Important that the temperature of the water is just below the boiling point of 100 degrees. To do this, you don’t need a Thermometer that can be easily recognized by the fact that the water begins to throw the bottom of the pot are air bubbles. The ultimate GLAMOUR-Hack and-Eggs-Benedict-accelerator: the water in the kettle and bring to a boil, in the pot, which is already with a bit of water on the switched on cooker, and now have to wait until the chef cools down the water a bit. The water is too hot, it will curdle the egg yolks – and this is supposed to be poached eggs nice and soft.

2. A splash of vinegar to the water. of The vinegar is important because it ensures that the protein stays in shape and does not expire or is flocculated. For, the exact units of measurement: 1-2 TABLESPOONS are enough for a half to three-quarters of a Liter of water.

3. , The water in the pot, throws light bubbles, the vinegar is in it? Then you are ready to go: With a whisk create a whirlpool in the pot. , The centrifugal forces of the swirl also ensure that the Egg remains in the Form of and beautiful is.

4. Now the Egg with the brave in the pot. Please do not like a belly plates, but with feeling! Beginners can strike first in a bowl, a touch of vinegar so that the Egg remains in the Form of (please not too much, then you can taste no Egg, but just the vinegar!), and the Egg then using a large spoon carefully into the swirl slide.

5. turn the heat down a bit and recover the lost eggs for about three and a half minutes to draw strong> not

6. The poached Egg carefully with a large spoon from the pot lift and excess water on the pot edge of the drain. Hats work? It wasn’t so hard! For all other applies: Practice makes perfect.

Jamie Oliver shows again how to do it:


Eggs Benedict: sauce

Traditionally, it is Hollandaise Sauce. You can buy, but also do-it-yourself. Who has a lot of time and nerves, you can like to try. And so:


  • 100g Butter
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • a pinch of salt and pepper juice of half a lemon


1. Butter in a frying pan.2. The egg yolks from the egg white separate and in a bowl. The EL wine white vinegar and stir.3. The shell is heated in a water bath very slowly – too much heat, the egg yolks will curdle and the Butter, melted for the same reason, very slow stir.4. Salt, pepper and lemon juice. With a whisk, until the mixture is creamy and has doubled. Done! Now the bowl from the water bath to take.

GLAMOUR-special tip: With a little beetroot juice in the Hollandaise Sauce is nice and Millennial-Pink.

eggs Benedict: variations

Eggs Benedict Bacon

Traditional eggs served Benedict on a soft English Muffin with sautéed bacon. The Egg in Hollandaise Sauce, and salt and pepper then.

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Eggs Benedict salmon

a Small variation: instead of bacon, salmon use.

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Eggs Benedict Avocado

Every Millenial is the variant with Avocado loves: Toasted rye bread with avocado, columns, or avocado mousse, sprinkle lemon juice, the poached eggs and garnish with Hollandaise Sauce and pour over. Coarse salt, pepper, a little Chili or paprika powder, done!

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Eggs Benedict spinach

Strictly speaking, this is not to Eggs Benedict with spinach, but Eggs Florentine . The leaf of spinach, you can hang brown great by the way, while you poached the eggs in a colander in the fresh spinach leaves in the pot, so that it is cushioned conserve.

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