Less known is that Chukovsky loved writers “to antirobot”. So, in 1919 on the eve of the 100th anniversary of N. A. Nekrasov, he began to address the well-known poets and writers questions about Nekrasov. The questions were simple: “do you Like poems of Nekrasov?”; “What the poetry of Nekrasov you think is the best?”; “Did Nekrasov’s influence on your music?” etc., He replied Alexander Blok, Nikolai Gumilev, Anna Akhmatova, Maxim Gorky, Yevgeny Zamyatin, and many others. It was interesting how the same questions are answered by various celebrities.

And in 1910 he dared “to antirobot” of Leo Tolstoy, sending him the question about his attitude to the death penalty. Leo Tolstoy said during his “care” of Optina, a few days before death Astapov. And that was the last text of Tolstoy, except for letters to relatives.

of course, I thought not keep to dress up in the mantle of the great Korney Ivanovich, but I found it interesting to send modern writers, are “quarantined”, your profile.

that’s what they said. The answers will appear on the website on Saturdays and Sundays.

Be healthy!

Your Pavel Basinsky

Where you now spend time (if not secret)?

– Most of the time in a small wooden house among the woods of Ruzsky district in the upper reaches of the Moscow river. Stoked the stove, working, walking. It’s really a very secluded place where, it seems, all designed for isolation. You can walk for hours through the woods and much more likely to meet a moose or wild boar than human. I couldn’t believe that not so far from Moscow there is such a wild place. But, of course, arrive in Literary Institute, where as desolate and deserted as my woods. Only this is not encouraging, and sad thoughts.

what are you working On? What are you reading?

– Finished draft of a new novel, but I want to give myself time to cool down and then again to get back to. Moreover, the topic is really hot – Ukraine. And while writing a biography of Rozanov. Not quite gasesous, rather it is my personal opinion on the hero. Books read from the list of the award “the Clear glade” in a nomination “Foreign literature”. From the read, or rather read right now, most impressive is a novel by Spanish writer Fernando Aramburu “homeland.” I highly recommend it.

does your creativity a necessary isolation? The most productive creative time of A. S. Pushkin “Boldino autumn” of 1830, came on “the cholera quarantine.”

– Well, Pushkin is Pushkin. He knew any obstacle to turn to his advantage. In the end, the reference in St. Michael, too, was akin to isolation, only much longer and somewhat more annoying. It’s one thing when all locked, the other you, but still do not know for how long. But ´┐Ż´┐Żanyway it was a very fruitful time for him. One “Boris Godunov” is worth. We somehow latched on to the “Boldino autumn”, and actually have him any time was fine. And as for myself I don’t know, it’s more visible from the side.

How do you feel about black humor, which I read on the Internet: “Sitting at home. The street people”? That is, people is the danger, like wild animals. Don’t you think that we now live in a time of a new ethics and a new kind of style in the broadest sense of the word?

– And I can’t otherwise read it. So you’re out on the street, he can pose a threat to people. But actually I believe that in very severe restrictive measures currently adopted, a lot of frills. If people had the opportunity singly or in families that live together, go out to nature, the benefits would be and soul, and body. As for the formula, man – beast, don’t know, I have a feeling that if we all go through something in common, it makes us kinder, more merciful, and you begin to appreciate simple things that I hadn’t noticed.

Can you think of any examples from Russian and world classics, where they were described about the current situation? (“The feast during the plague” not to call!)

– A “Plague” of albert Camus, can you? Or “Laurel” Eugene Vodolazkin? Or here’s another novel of Yasnaya Polyana list – “the Road” by Cormac McCarthy. Our reader, or rather viewer knows by this author on the film “to Old men here not a place”. “Road” can be read as the epilogue of the worst scenario of our present situation. So nervous not recommend.

Writer in Russia must be a prophet. What do you think: when will this end and what awaits us after this?

– Well, first, the prophet writer definitely not required to be. However, I hope that like McCarthy will not. Seditious thing to say, maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that the extent of the disaster greatly increased thanks to the media. Not exaggerated, and it increased as if to the paper, on which falls a ray of sunlight, brought the magnifying glass and watched in horror for the man-made fire. This does not mean that the pandemic no, she definitely is, but the information society aggravates the situation. In fact, today is not only viral, but also a psychological attack on the people trapped in their apartments. The feeling is that someone puts on humanity experiment. So when it all ended, psychological rehabilitation will need to many of us. But people do not pass through this. Nothing will cope. Then we’ll tell the grandchildren.