The quality of the new line of swimwear, designed by entrepreneur and TV star Kylie Jenner, caused confusion in the network. Relevant videos and critical comments appeared in TikTok.

Blogger Brianna Renee, whose page is subscribed to by more than 559 thousand people, shared her impression after unpacking the goods delivered to her from the online store of the brand Kylieswim. The girl ordered a one-piece swimsuit in orange-pink color, which is decorated with cutouts exposing part of the chest, waist and stomach. Its cost on the brand’s website is $ 80 (5822 rubles).

On the frames of the video, the heroine of the material showed the details of the swimsuit up close. It can be seen that the fabric has split on the swimming trunks, the inner seams are uneven, and threads stick out from the outside of the product. The publication went viral and gained 13.8 million views and more than two million likes.

Netizens criticized the appearance of the product from the Jenner brand range in the comments. “On Shein, the quality is even better”, “It looks like the clothes I made for my barbie dolls out of rags”, “This is Kylie, what did you expect”, “I don’t know how much you gave for it, but I’m sorry for your money”, “I won’t spend a cent on the things that this family creates,” they said.

In February, the popular brand Shein pleased the girls with a cheap replacement of a luxury brand swimsuit. We are talking about a bathing suit with a multi-colored Geo Print Bikini worth $ 15 (1,090 rubles). The bikini almost completely repeats the design of the swimsuit of the Australian brand Sommer Swim, popular among celebrities, for $ 168 (12 thousand rubles).