Russian Prosecutor General’s office approved the indictment in the case of resonance of the sisters Khachaturian. Two sisters, 19-year-old Cristino and 20-year-old angelina, accused of killing “a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion”. Said this yesterday, the girls lawyer Alexei lipcer. Soon the sisters Khachaturyan will be submitted to the court.

the General Prosecutor’s office approved the indictment in criminal proceedings against the sisters Khachaturian. Signed by the Deputy public Prosecutor grin, who in December 2019 returned the case, citing the investigative Committee to reclassify the actions of the sisters in finding in the state of necessary defense. Obviously something during this time his positions have changed. Now waiting for their cases to court and appointment of preliminary judicial sessions

— quoted Liptser TASS.

Sisters Khachaturian

the case against senior sisters will consider the Moscow city court, and the case of the younger sister, 18-year-old Mary, who at the time of the crime was a minor — Butyrskaya court of Moscow. Lipsner said that Mary recognized nevmenyaem, so the prosecution proposed to apply to it measures of medical character.

the Defence of the accused will be asked to the Christening, and angelina addressed the jury. It is expected that the process will be closed from the media and audience as it includes the information about the violation of sexual integrity. In the case of approval of the decision on the appointment of younger sister of Mary medical measures her case will also be considered in the closed mode.

Recall that Cristino sisters, angelina and Mary is accused of the murder of his father, Mikhail Khachaturian, — in the summer of 2018, his body with 36 stab wounds was found in an apartment on Altufevskoe highway. The next day the sisters were arrested on suspicion of killing his father. The girls immediately admitted his guilt, but during the investigation it became clear that Michael has for many years subjected the daughters of the mental, physical and sexual violence.

Michael Khachaturyan daughters

From the beginning, the sisters Khachaturian received a wide public resonance. To protect the girls got up by many celebrities, human rights activists and ordinary Internet users. In December last year, the investigation concluded that the sisters had committed a crime by prior agreement because of personal hostility to the father. The investigation acknowledged that Mikhail Khachaturyan systematically abused their daughters and raped them.

in Spite of all the circumstances of the case, the girls were charged under the most serious article — “murder committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion”. T��when the Prosecutor General did not agree with the conclusions of the investigation and sent the case back for further investigation. However, in mid-may, even after additional investigation, the Investigative Committee refused to change the charge of the sisters Khachaturian with murder for self-defence.

Maria Khachaturyan a lawyer