the Poetry project has finished accepting applications. In three weeks, the children and Teens sent more than two thousand videos where they read their favorite poems devoted to the great Patriotic war.

One of the youngest participants was four-year-old man Podoprigora. She read lines from the works of “Requiem” by Robert Rozhdestvensky. And one of the adult readers is a 16-year-old Alexander Arndt, who chose a poem of Yulia Drunina “I come not from my childhood — from the war”. Among other authors, whose verses were also recited by the children, — Anna Akhmatova, Konstantin Simonov, Andrei Dementiev, Alexander Twardowski and many others. Duration of clips is from 18 to 60 minutes.

to Follow the publications on the organization’s page in the social networks “Instagram”, “Facebook” and “Vkontakte”.

Red square during the war years: the project “Moscow — caring for history,” opens its first online vystavkovyi of sport and television will read poems and stories about war on the pages of Moorpark in social networks

“Stichopodidae” was launched in Perovsky Park in 2016 as part of the major project “OpenArt. Art in the fresh air.” Then the students of the Russian University of theatre arts read for memorials famous poetic works that were then played through loudspeakers. On the day of the birth of Sergei Mikhalkov was broadcast “the boy with the girl friends”, “Jeans” and the excerpt from the poem “Uncle Stepa”. And in 2017 “Stichopodidae” became a children’s. The children recited poems in the clip that was broadcasted on the system Park radiopaedia. “Stichopodidae” was so popular with Park guests that it was performed again in 2018 and 2019.

by the decree of the President of Russia 2020 was declared the Year of memory and glory. In honor of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war in Moscow preparing dozens of commemorative events.