the Prime Minister of ballet of the Bolshoi theatre Artemy Belyakov recently performed in the role of choreographer. Premiere of his ballet “the seasons” to music by Glazunov was to be held at the Bolshoi theater at the end of March, but because of the pandemic, COVID-19 was cancelled. About how ballet dancers save the profession quarantined learned browser “MK”.

Artemy, you and your wife, also an artist of the Bolshoi theatre Daria Khokhlova where you are?

And with his wife and family, we are outside the city with my grandmother. I don’t feel particularly deprived of something… I Have never had the needs to go often to the restaurants, bars or some clubs and other places that became now, in connection with isolation available. The only difficulty is to support a professional form. And, perhaps, everything is limited… Because even when this was not all, and we even worked in the theater, in fact, most of the time we spent there. In addition, part of the time I spent still in the Institute, where he studied. And when he was at least a little free time, we also were out of town on nature, just unloaded from the noise, and all the rest… So there’s nothing to me now terribly lacking.

ballet dancers, I think, is the most affected. Not in the material, and above all in a professional sense. How to stay in shape? Because now you have no daily press and dance challenges – it’s beautiful, but…

– Really, it’s insanely difficult. But now, for example, the theatre was granted a special professional ballet linoleum for artists that we could do. More than a hundred pieces! And it supports. Because for the dancers of the coating in which they are very important. For ballet dancers there are many constraints to keep in shape at the proper level.

You already have your piece of linoleum?

(Laughs) Yes.

– ballet And stick to deal with the press, you have a home there?

– the Stick is a lot of extra space and therefore we cannot. We hold on to the wardrobe and behind the sofa.

– I See that you are the type of people who are of the worst situation would prefer to reap the benefits?

It is so. Quarantine, self-isolation, but there are other ways to deal with the fact that you were still interested, in addition to ballet. For example, fully to do the project “Historical memory of generations”, it is dedicated to the victory Day (made with my colleague Vladimir Umnikov and his wife Daria Khokhlova). In it, various people tell their stories related to the memory of the victory, and it’s not just stories about their families that will also be very interesting, but look at many of the events of the war more widely. We have already been joined stars of the Bolshoi theatre ballerina EEvgenia Obraztsova, soloist of the Opera Yulia Mazurova, famous TV and radio presenter Mikhail Zelensky, actor Dmitry Miller, many others…for example, Razlogov Kirill Emilevich a film critic, told me many interesting things associated with cinema in the period of the great Patriotic war. And I’m not only doing this project, but also participated in it. For me, in connection with my work in the theater, of course, the most interesting facts of the history of the Bolshoi theatre. For example, about hit by a bomb in the building of the theatre was damaged when the white marble stairs leading to the Imperial foyer and the famous columns of the Bolshoi theatre. But since a Large object is very important, politically, including (in the theater before and after the war were all important party congresses and conferences), it pretty quickly reconstructed. Interesting about the special nets, which was disguised Bolshoi theatre during raids. They were painted Windows, and the building was disguised as a normal civilian house, and when the Nazi pilots were on a reconnaissance and were flying over Moscow, they were surprised that their cards do not match “reality”.Do not spray on others, of course, important for the ballet dancer and the necessary Affairs and procedures. Such as massage or extra hours of sleep that are needed for our work. Well, that time can be spent with the family! Because, even though my wife Daria Khokhlova worked together in the theatre, we see very little in the theatre is virtually no overlap – your rehearsal, I got mine.

But from the days of the past back to the present, to the profession. On the videos you’re recording, you can see that at home you can do unimaginable support. Other ballet dancers, unlike you, do not have partners to practice supports…

– Every now improving the skills and capabilities that are more accessible in his isolation. Here we are with Daria, thank God, affordable opportunity to improve their hand at a duet dance. Yes, the movie about which you say, it has become very popular on the Internet. The momentum was from the Bolshoi theatre orchestra. Alexander Krylov has launched the baton, and the orchestra performed the Adagio from Tchaikovsky’s ballet “the Nutcracker” from their apartments. And Daria danced… In your Instagram feed and I, and she now has the heading “Support week”. For me it is exercise pure choreography skills because we come up with unusual support and fix them in the photo.

In the photo, or a video camera?

– In the photo. As for cameras… Daria – just a lover of challenging gymnastic supports, a very difficult and intricate. But we do well with them. But alas, there is limited��of the notification in the ceiling height and space in the room, and it is therefore not possible to video record some beautiful trick. So, when you can make a static pose and her commit, are limited to photos. My professionalism tells me that it is probably more correct, when you do support a particular view. I like to do it in such a form, when a better body. I mean the uniform.

You star in a special ballet uniform – leotard and swimsuit?

No. We have, alas, no no tights, no ballet swimwear. Well, that Pointe shoes were from Daria. Because our ballet practice clothing remained “hostage” in the theatre . So we find the opportunity to do that is: in shorts, some leggings, t-shirts…

the Problem of weight gain during the isolation period, when the possibilities of ballet loads are limited, you there?

– No, absolutely not. Thank God, it does not concern me, nor Daria. And this is not only due to the fact that we actively strive to maintain physical form and in terms of ballet, and provide cardio exercise.

– That is a special diet do not comply? Calories don’t calculate?

– Oh, no! We all cook. Grandma and my wife. We had a wonderful feed. Calories do not bother. We really are in this sense lucky. Because to eat delicious I love! There are bakery, and fatty meat… And that is not gaining extra weight, it is a great gift from nature!

At the Bolshoi theater at the end of March was the scheduled premiere of your ballet to the music of Glazunov “the seasons” which the pandemic was canceled…

– Yes, the play was ready to be shown, and in that moment, when we have already passed the runs happened this situation with quarantine. Then we were still hoping that in may, just in these days, when in the poster stood second block of the same performances, we still show, although not understand was the scale of all events. By the way it is developing now, of course, it is strange to make any predictions. But CEO Vladimir G. urin ensured that the premiere did take place, and it will all be shown when the theatre will be available for spectators. For me, of course, this situation was, I will not hide, very unpleasant. Because it was so much effort invested in work, and not only me as a choreographer, but also artists. The last run, which took place in the composition of the two leading couples (Daria Khokhlova and mark Chino; angelina Vesinet and Ivan Alekseev), was simply magnificent. And suddenly…it’s sad, but now, after time, can say very well that we raboti completed. Now from one day to the Prime Minister to release will not work: in any case, artists will need to get in shape and re-rehearse. But when we will be releasing ethat premiere, I’ll have something to modify and change.

– As a dancer you did not take part in your ballet?

– people often ask Me this question and I always answer: “Categorically no.” Because I had been dancing in his ballets, but rather out of necessity. And then, the performance of your choreography very much restricts the plasticity and the possibility of writing the text. Because it’s discouraging the idea. After all, you clearly know your body, and it dictates you what gesture needs to be done. In my ballet employs a lot of cool compositions… including leading artists and Prim Bolshoi theatre with great pleasure to work with Olga Smirnova and Jacopo Tissi.