On September 3, the Belarusian leader said about the shamelessness of football functionaries who direct the bulk of money to the salaries of players at a meeting dedicated to the development of national football and the sports industry as a whole, the press service of Alexander Lukashenko reports.

Analyzing the budget expenditure estimates, the President drew attention to the fact that about 70 percent of all funds are wages. “And for development, and for maintenance? Again: “The state will decide there.” I would like to hear explanations about this, ” the head of state demanded an answer from the officials.

He was forced to note once again that the situation that has developed in football is unacceptable. “23 thousand people (this is only officially according to the lists) are professionally engaged in football. So you can find 20 people with 23 thousand?”, the president said with indignation, recalling that back in 2003 the Belarusian national team was in 90th place in the FIFA ranking, today it is in 89th.” We have moved a lot”, – Lukashenka mocked the success of the players.

However, in his opinion, this also applies to other sports. Therefore, the heads of the federations of hockey, cycling, shooting sports, swimming, athletics, fencing were also invited to the meeting.

According to Lukashenka, the authorities constantly meet sports functionaries halfway when it comes to supporting professional sports. Special attention, in particular, was paid to the preparation for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. For the athletes, he recalled, we did everything possible, fulfilled all their wishes. “And the result is known. I understand that the competition has grown, that we are unlikely to run better than African athletes. But in technical sports, for example, in athletics, we have always had results. Where are these schools?”, the president asked a rhetorical question.

The situation with cycling and hockey was also sharply criticized at the meeting. The whole question is about the coaches, the Belarusian leader is convinced. “If there is no coach, there will be no sport. And the coaches, my dear heads of federations , are already your bread, ” Lukashenko addressed the participants of the meeting.

He demanded that all sports managers “build a system”. First of all, the head of state concluded, we need a result. “And every coach, in addition to the result, should give out two or three talented athletes on the mountain. If this is not the case and there is no result, then there is no coach. ”