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The police department has conducted over the past weekend, a lot of coronacontroles out. In a lot of places, and there were a variety of fines and penalties will be issued. In Ghent, there were about 200 in fines. In Antwerp, there were even 300.

The warm rays of spring sun called are in Ghent a lot of residents to get outside, and even though in the past week, passed through this city, on the cobble stones of some of hundreds of temporary tags, which were made with fun messages such as “Walk on by, the corona does not break,” or “In Ghent, we don’t start with me,” the Ghent police, however, quite a number of people teach just dealing with mankind in order to not have to get them to stay. “It is on the Gras – and Korenlei, we will have two times as about to intervene, and people will have to teach just dealing with mankind is to abide by the rules and to step up,” says a spokesman Matto Langeraert of the Ghent police force. “Or for them to ask for the necessary move away from each other.”

Ghent’s police force is only weekendcijfers be announced on Monday, but Sunday night, however, that on Fridays and Saturdays, 193 coronaboetes were good: 135 statements were made, 58 of which were immediately cashed. “In addition, we have 32 warnings are handed out,” says the spokesperson, is still.

The fines related to failure to comply with the coronamaatregelen, it is important to be non-essential travel, and the samenscholingsverbod. The figures for Sunday are not yet known.


on Saturday, the local police department in Antwerp is a 300 in fines handed out to people who are in the coronamaatregelen is not respected. The weather is warm, a lot of people have been caught in non-essential travel, meetings, in public or at someone’s home.

as of march 20 set for the Antwerp police, effective processes to record when they determine that someone in the government is against the corona of non-compliance. This can be things like assembly, those who visit or receive company despite the fact that the mandatory closure, however, will be open. In march, in Antwerp, already more than 2,000 in fines. On Saturday and Sunday, it was for the police to be especially alert because of the weather. On Saturday it got up to 300 people for a fee.

to People breaking coronamaatregelen

The police of the zone, CARMA was also close to 90 prs on the platform. CARMA suggested violations of the Saturday 7 pm to Sunday, in 17 hours of. The police force of Lanaken-Maasmechelen (the LaMa) had to be, even for a bodyshop close to where a group of fifteen clients attended.

“The good weather brought many people out on the streets. The police CARMA put on extra patrols to more focused monitoring in Zutendaal, Genk, belgium, As, Oudsbergen, Houthalen-Helchteren, Bree, Bocholt, and Kinrooi. With a large controleactie Saturday night, the drone is powered on. Ultimately, this resulted in 86 statements. A selection of offences against the samenscholingsverbod, and a portfolio of non-essential journeys which also have a few on the border with the Netherlands. There was also a pv lined up for spitting at the police station. There are two persons, who, on a bet, became a temporary management was given a pv, within the framework of the samenscholingsverbod,” said the communication service of the zone and CARMA.

The police, the LaMa did it on Saturday, however, a very remarkable finding, because in a bodyshop in the Hague turned out to be closed. In it were about ten customers present. Among the attendees were French citizens, who are in Belgium for the purchase of a car. The police have stated that the required reports and joined straight away to the bodyshop. If you have further coronacontroles there were two reports prepared for the drug in the circulation. The board members were playing on their driver’s license for two weeks, and the vehicles were hoisted. In the night from Friday to Saturday, stated police-LaMa-seven-the immediate collection on the account of non-essential travel.