Among the gifts that Alexander Lukashenko received on his birthday on August 30, one already deserved to be presented at the Palace of Independence – the official residence of the head of state. We are talking about an art canvas, BelTA informs, on which the Belarusian leader is depicted together with his younger son Nikolai at the height of last year’s opposition protests in Minsk.

The daughter of one of the employees of the Presidential Security Service worked on the painting for six months, explained the press secretary of the Belarusian leader Natalia Eismont, who conducted a tour of the Palace of Independence for residents of the agro-town from the Gomel region on September 4.

The agency clarifies that the guests were the first to see and appreciate this creative impulse of the artist, about which Lukashenka told journalists on the first autumn day, stressing that for him the most valuable gifts are those made with his own hands.

Describing the plot, the president explained that it shows him at the moment when “he was running with a Track with a machine gun, and it was such an important moment in his life.” By the way, in August last year, the Telegram channel “Pool of the First”, close to the press service of the president, posted footage of Lukashenka’s arrival at the residence.

The footage showed the Supreme commander-in-chief getting out of the helicopter in a bulletproof vest and heading towards the residence, accompanied by his son Nikolai, also armed with a machine gun. “Of course, I am not an expert in art, but I liked this picture,” the president shared his emotions.