the Majority believes such an amendment is certainly useful, and even necessary. However, sometimes there are opinions that the love of his Homeland – the normal state of any normal person and the constitutional approval is not needed.

My position in this debate we are asked to designate a doctor of philosophical Sciences, member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, the head of the National Association of reserve officers “Megapir” Alexander Kanshina.

Alexander, the proposed amendments to the Constitution are the words of the education of generations of high social qualities, including patriotism. You for the amendment or against?

Alexander Kanshin: For man half life which took place in the army ranks, the question is incorrect. For me patriotism is not words, and people: the paratroopers of the 6th company of the Pskov airborne division, major Roman Filippov, senior Lieutenant Aleksandr Prokhorenko.

The “liberal 90-e” the hearing was a bitter place of our great poet Mikhail Lermontov: “farewell, unwashed Russia” and the word “patriotism” has become in certain circles “shake hands.” If he spoke not only as “…the last refuge of scoundrels”.

Alexander Kanshin: of the Mind and culture of those villains. Phrase: “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” was addressed by the English poet and literary critic of the eighteenth century by Samuel Johnson political opposition liberals. Then in England you could buy off the penalty for their crimes, declaring himself a “patriot”, with subsequent expulsion to a colony. And enjoyed.

How philosophers define the concept of “patriotism”?

Alexander Kanshin: an Outstanding Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin said simply: “we must Live for something to die for”.

Vladimir Dal defined patriotism as a moral principle, a sense of love for the Motherland, for her willingness to sacrifice themselves, pride in their nationality, language, traditions and achievements of the country. And the country, according to our famous contemporary of Dmitry Likhachev, “is the unity of people, nature and culture.”

When did you feel yourself a patriot?

Alexander Kanshin: I was appointed life. Childhood in the postwar years, when everyone was still breathing by the pain of loss and the happiness of Victory. All the boys dreamed of heroism. Ordzhonikidze military school where I went, during the war sent 5 of their starting line-the defense of Stalingrad and the Caucasus. Cadets become soldiers, teachers – commanders of platoons and companies. Almost all heroically perished.

Wearing epaulets, I took the oath, and from oath – not a step back, so we were taught.

an amendment to the Constitution says that the state creates conditions for education in the spirit of patriotism. In your opinion, today it is all debarks for this purpose?

Alexander Kanshin: Even in the devastated post-war years in each city was a Palace of pioneers, where I could come any teenager. Where did they go? Each school was following clubs: art, chess, aeromodelling, sports, carried out mass game “Zarnitsa”. Worked as skating rinks, swimming pools, children’s and youth sports schools, flying clubs – also to everyone, for free. Today – all for the money, I think – for the elite. Not the rich kids, which is still the majority that remains hanging out in dirty basements, learning to smoke Yes swearing?

it’s Time to create real conditions for the development and education of all young people. That’s why I’m for a constitutional norm in the law.

In the education of worthy change are not only interested state agencies. There are community and socially oriented business, youth and veterans ‘ organizations. For example, your Association is involved?

Alexander Kanshin: since the Chechen wars, we pay scholarships to adulthood the children of military personnel killed in the line of military duty. The Association operates a public forum, Junior Achievement – encourage guys who have achieved significant results in various fields of activity. Supporting young talents in the art, for example, the famous children’s choir. Meet with already grown children of Beslan who survived a terrible tragedy hold in the regions of mass sports competitions on military-applied sports for the prizes of the great generals of the Victory. But perhaps one of the most important cases in recent years – is Unarme.

it is said that in fact, Unarme is the brainchild of the Russian army…

Alexander Kanshin: Absolutely. The idea and organization of mass Patriotic movement of young people belong to the Minister of defense Sergey Shoigu, military units are actively involved in the work with the younger generation. But it has already acquired such proportions that became nationwide, even where there is no military formations.

Therefore, the “Megapir”, based on its representative offices practically in all regions of the country, are actively involved in this Patriotic action. Directly in our care participate in the activities of Warmii more than 40 thousand boys and girls. We are, by the way, in close contact with DOSAAF, work enough for everyone.

flawed morality 90s sprouted a population of cynical, greedy individuals. Unscrupulousness, selfishness, fame and money at any cost – that brought them a time of chaos in their heads. Will it be possible to reverse the ideology of unbelief and selfishness?

Alexander Kanshin: Thank God, not all grown up selfish, saved the Soviet system of education in the family. Family foundations has always been based on tradition, forour proposed history, government, Church. A parent’s example is the strongest.

young people Have a query on spirituality and truth. Amendments to the Constitution aimed at strengthening the family and the state, is very timely. Pandemic coronavirus with the scourge, bolusa notorious “European solidarity”, has clearly shown that a main defender of the people – his native state, if it is strong, it is possible to avoid a tragic outcome. And the power of the state to its citizens, then the patriots.