It should have been a day of the quite big. One of them wrote themselves into the history books.

But when queen Margaret of few days rounds yet another corner, is nothing like it used to. Neither for her or the rest of the Danish population.

Gone are gallaforestilling and coach driving. Wake-up calls at the castle, wave to the masses from the balcony of the Amalienborg palace, the private party and the colors on the Fredensborg.

just like five years ago, where she filled the 75 in the shadow of terror, we must – as she said in an interview – ‘keep the head cool and the heart warm’. By being at home.

Show the words that those are the hallmarks of queen Margrethe, which is not alone in its long regenttid, but basically since she was born, has been loved by the danes.

So high, in fact, that it is more than intimated in the DR2-the documentary ‘Why is Ludwig not king?’, to her parents and the government utilized the danes ‘ love for the little princess to a change of tronfølgeloven, which ensured that the popular Margrethe of denmark could take over after his father.

Even was Margrethe born into a disaster. One of the biggest, namely the Second world War. And it is perhaps there that the seeds of the danes ‘ strong relationship to her was placed.

in the country so difficult time, there was a need for joy and bright spots. And such a one was the little princess. Although she hated to be called like one.

“oh, how I hated that phrase. It was the worst thing, when people said: ‘Oh, where are the three little princesses, however cute’,” has the minister told in Jon Bloch skipper’s samtalebog ‘Three sisters’.

Soon she was not one princess in the castle, but was a result of the first Court, since Anne-Marie. Two sisters, as the minister, according to the same book on the true storesøstermanér reigned over.

In each case, they learned both very quickly to correct the check. And their elder sister Margaret spoke a lot and talked for a long time.

“And I have not been able to shut up since!” she roundly declares in the book.

Then – as now – she looked as the natural midpoint in the group. A stortalende the midpoint, that should not be interrupted.

the Certainty and ambition failed, since not anything of the young Margrethe ii of denmark, who, despite growing up in a time when higher education for women was not commonplace, insisted to go to university, where she has taken the filosofikum, studied archaeology and political science, just as she for the sake of argument, has undergone a training in Female Flyverkorps.

in addition to being artistically gifted termed the minister as also as blazingly intelligent, quick-witted, rap in the reply and with a well developed sense of humor.

But even as a 31-year-old – where is the love crown princess Margrethe enjoyed family life with his Henri and the two sons – she was really a center point. One that radically changed her life.

She was the queen of Denmark. Not just Margrethe the Second, but a second Margrethe. A seriousness entered her being, sorgløsheden vanished as the dew before the sun.

ever since she for more than 48 years ago was the regent, has the minister taken his duties very seriously.

As she herself has stated again and again, comes the obligation before anything else. Margrethe is the queen completely into his heart. For its day end.

“Unless I was completely and utterly hopelessly ill,” as she with a roguish smile said last fall to the Swedish newspaper Expressen about what – if anything – that could get her to abdicate.

At the age of 80 is your health not what it has been. In addition to the grief of losing his Henri two years ago queen Margrethe of denmark in the years a bit of severe osteoarthritis in the back, which several times has been so painful that she has had to give up the royal reins to her son.

in Addition, she has received an new knees and have been operated on for cancer of the uterus.

“Physical powers, I am not the same as the previous. You go more slowly, and the stairs feels higher. In the mirror, one can see that the years have passed, and this not without a trace.”

“But really, I don’t feel particularly different than 10 years ago. Even though I am an old woman,” as she said in the interview with Expressen.

the Old woman or not, there is no doubt that when the day comes, the final chapter of Margrethe the Second to be written, she will go down in history as a show and loved the regent.

“today, it is really passed me to the heart, the way I have been received,” said a touched queen Margrethe of denmark as also in occasion of his 75 birthday, as a response to the tribute, the danes had shown her on the streets and in the alleys.

But this year, the world is a second, and how big a space she has in the danes ‘ hearts, comes the Queen neither to see or feel.

“You can’t be feasts and important birthday you know,” she said in her speech to the people last month. Although she has cancelled its.