A nurse from the canadian city of Dorval, Quebec, was forced to feign symptoms of illness, so she took a test for the coronavirus. This is the website of Global News.

Nurse Kristy-Lyn Kemp (Kristy-Lyn Kemp) resigned from a nursing home where patients lived COVID-19, and decided to get tested for the disease before you start a new job in another boarding house for the elderly. She called the hot line for the coronavirus and reported that worked with the infected. The nurse asked about her symptoms. She admitted that no, and she said that, in this case, it will not be to do the analysis.

Kemp then called a second time. To conceal, she spoke French. The girl lied that she had a fever and cough. Workers hotline gave her the go-ahead for the delivery of the analysis.

The next day the nurse did the test. As it turned out, she was infected with the coronavirus.

“I can’t believe I had to lie and fight to get tested. It scares me that I could come and infect the people there,” complained the camp.

She admitted that at the nursing home where she worked before, just weeks 31 people died. At some point, Kemp with the consent of the management has ceased to perform the duties of a nurse. Instead, she talked, and sat with the dying, which couldn’t come and relatives at the last minute. However, once the oversight of the nursing home took another organization, she was told to return to work as a nurse. Kemp refused and resigned.

Earlier it was reported that a nurse from the American city of Los Angeles, California, wearing a hazmat suit tried to resuscitate infected with novel coronavirus infection and the patient died of the same disease two weeks later. The nurse knew the risk but felt that while she wear a protective suit, a time for resuscitation will be lost.

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