The number of deaths due COVID in Britain exceeded 20 thousand

The number of deaths in the UK patients with the coronavirus, has exceeded 20 thousand, the number of infections close to 150 thousand the statistics, released on Saturday by the Ministry of health of the Kingdom.

"Of the 517 836 people who had taken the tests [for the presence of coronavirus], at 148 377 they gave a positive result. As of 17:00 (19:00 GMT) April 24, 20 319 people who had been hospitalized in the UK with the coronavirus, unfortunately, is dead", – stated in the statement.

Thus, the UK was among five countries, overcome the barrier of 20 thousand deaths, joining USA (51 949), Italy (25 969), Spain (22 902) and France (22 245). The number of deaths from the disease caused by the coronavirus, has doubled in the Kingdom in less than two weeks. A limit of 10 thousand deaths was overcome on 12 April.

The number was for the last day of deaths – 813, whereas before the authorities announced new 684 deaths. In the previous 10 days (with the exception of 19 and 20 April) the daily index remained at the level of 700-800 deaths per day, falling on the Thursday before the 616.

As stated on Wednesday in Parliament, the Minister of health of the country Matt Hancock, the peak of the outbreak of coronavirus in the United Kingdom achieved. At the same time representatives of the British government and their advisers in recent days was very cautious in his statements on the question of whether already overcome this peak.

Since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus in the world has infected more than 2.7 million people, more than 190 thousand died.