as for The new wolf in the past couple of days, in the Antwerp Kempen region, was observed to have the first wolf and the albert canal has to cross, how to apply Welcome to Wolf Wednesday of the month. The animal was more likely to cross via a bridge or a lock. “We had a very special achievement, however, because of the albert canal, and was always considered to be a significant barrier to the migration of the wolf in the south,” says Jan, Amazed by the Welcome the Wolf.

Wolf’s Noella

soon after, the wolf will be filmed on the grounds of the Centerbeton in Herentals, belgium, is situated on the north bank of the albert canal, which received the notification center to say that the new and reports from the locations along the south side of the albert canal. This means that the tramp is in the early morning of the 31st of march to the albert canal have to be crossed.

“More likely than not did it in the animal over a bridge or lock, for a swim across the channel, with steep, concrete banks, is the equivalent of committing suicide,” says Loos. “It is well known that the wolves can swim over great rivers such as the Elbe or the Rhine, but they are not stupid, they can see that it is a step into the albert canal, turns out to be a curse of death. The chances are that the wolf, however, took place, and through a wildtrap to the point of leaving, it is very, very small.”

According to the Welcome to Wolf, the new wolf is the first wolf in history to manage to get to the albert canal, to cross. The albert canal is dug between 1930 and 1939, when the wolves are in the whole of Western Europe for a long time had been wiped out. “In January, 2018 and managed to hit she-wolf Head in for just a one-night, two times on the concrete in the Dessel-Kwaadmechelen canal crossing, but the crossing of the albert canal, wrote to the newcomer, not really history,” concludes Loos.

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