the Ministry of defence on 10 July released a video with the frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov”, which after the upgrade was released in Japan sea for the sea trials. The ship passed under the bridge in Vladivostok, and headed out to sea. Netizens carefully examined the video and noted significant changes in the armament of the former large anti-submarine ship, which until the end of 2020 will return to the Pacific fleet after four years of upgrading.

According to military officials, during the renovation and modernization replaced up to 20% of the design of a ship superstructure, including installed Nova launcher containers for missiles of various classes and purposes. The ship also received new tools and missile defense.

as shock weapons “Marshal Shaposhnikov” has received ship complexes “Caliber-NK” and “Uranus”, as well as the latest large-caliber gun.

netizens after watching the video with an upgraded ship, noted many changes. So, on one of the forums said that instead of the old anti-submarine rocket complex “the Bell” “Shaposhnikov” got launchers anti-ship missiles 3М24 complex “Uranus”.

On deck there are two block universal naval vertical launchers 3С14 UCSC 16 missiles.

Instead of the old artillery system AK-100 installed new A-190.

Complex “Uranus” – a formidable weapon. Subsonic low-altitude anti-ship missile Kh-35 is capable of destroying a ship with a displacement of 5000 tons. The same missile-equipped coastal missile complex “Ball”.

universal Supersonic anti-ship missiles, medium-range 3М55 “Yakhont”, which can also be “Shaposhnikov”, is able to fight with surface naval groups and single ships and ground targets at even longer range.

Russian cruise missiles “Caliber” (NATO SS-N-27 “Sizzler”) has proved its effectiveness during operation in Syria. They have a range over thousands of miles. Our rocket ships allowed “Caliber” of the Caspian sea against terrorist bases in Syria.

According to experts, a significant part of the Arsenal “Shaposhnikov” will be anti-submarine missiles.

In General, the armament of the frigate was much more powerful. In the future it may include hypersonic missiles “Zircon”, which is hard at work industry. It is for this onboard “Shaposhnikova” is equipped with a universal launcher.

the Navy modernization “Shaposhnikova” embraced with enthusiasm.

“Extraordinary joy, in fact! Sorely regret that my “Daring” (the ship of the same project. – “MK”) did not live to see this! Maybe now, having a good VARiant modernization, the remaining ships of 1155 on project allowed for option “Shaposhnikova”? The most positive information for me for the last time,” wrote Network user Nikita Trofimov.

“Thank you for a very positive person – today is a glass lift!”, – echoes Fedor.

“Beautiful! All of it!” – written by Michael Ocheretin.