In Moscow in the early summer appeared 18 protected areas (PAS). The new legal status means that experts Mospeada will carefully monitor the preservation of them species diversity, to maintain and recreate natural conditions.

One of these areas — environmental Park “Severnoe Butovo”. It is located on the border of Northern and southern Butovo, and it is favored by locals as a pleasant place for a stroll. The Ecopark area is relatively small — 137,79 hectare, but it can become a favorite place of recreation for residents of neighboring areas. The Park is located near the metro station “Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard”, “Ulitsa starokachalovskaya” and “Ulitsa Skobelevskaya”.

Ecological Park “Severnoe Butovo” is located in the office of the Directorate of natural areas “Bitsevsky forest” HPBW “Mospeada”. Previously, the territory had the status of a nature Park.

In particular, in the Park “Severnoe Butovo” you can see brown hare, weasel, white-backed woodpecker and zelno (black woodpecker). It is home to common frog, common newt, growing Lily of the valley, Astragalus Danish, viola tricolor. All of these species listed in the Red book of Moscow.

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With the creation of protected areas will change and the approach to landscaping in the Park. For example, most of the site’s natural ground cover will be mowed only once a year after seed maturation. This will keep the meadow grass. Regular mowing will be conducted only at the site of the clearing at the main entrance to the forest from the Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard, where not discovered a valuable and endangered species of plants: local people used to sunbathe.

Contrary to popular belief, inside the protected area you can make barbecues. Actually to fry the meat and vegetables to grill outside specially equipped areas in the capital have long been banned. In the Park “Severnoe Butovo” these are a few gazebos with stationary grill is located in front of the entrance to the forest.

in addition, on-site inspectors work for the protection of protected areas. They are distinguished by a green uniform with the relevant insignia. These people during the day patrolling the subordinated territory, and also have the right to prescribe penalties to violators. For example, the penalty for an individual for a barbecue in the wrong place — four thousand rubles.

the Main decoration of the ecological Park “Severnoe Butovo” are trees — pine, spruce, larch, oaks and limes. Periodically employees in a planned manner, planted new plants to replace those killed. The number of plants is not normalized and depends on how many plants died in the past and by kakowhy. Usually they plant the same species. Also planted some fruit plants to maintain the prey base of birds and wild animals.

“In a protected area it is prohibited to plant trees-plants, that is unusual for this place plants”, — says Andrey Kharchenko.

Fallen trees removed only if they interfere with the passage or pose a danger, as well as in specific places. In other cases, they are left as a food source and nesting areas. Birds and insects are willing to settle in such places.

“On a specially protected natural territory, we must preserve the natural forest fragments. This is important, for example, for the whole world insects and small animals, which we often do not notice. Once we found a duck’s nest near logs and didn’t remove”, — says Andrey Kharchenko.

In the forest you can find a hedge of bushes. This allows you to hide threads from people areas where endangered plants grow, to protect them from trampling.

Now experts are working on ideas for the landscaping of the Park. Some tracks are going to cover the night. We are talking about transit paths by which the inhabitants of the new buildings will be able to walk to the metro station “Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard” and back. Pond in the street Academician Glushko are also planning to equip.

Today the Butovo residents and visitors can walk or take a bike ride through the woods, among tall pine trees. In the Park are paved, only one, circular, road. Other tracks, dirt and gravel.

the Bike in the Park no, but there is a chance that in the future it is organized. And on the edge of the forest will retain the existing volleyball court. Andrey Kharchenko stressed: between nature and comfort of the citizens in the accomplishment the advantage is on the side of nature. Such is the nature protected areas.

for Example, a new asphalt paths do not appear here.

“In protected areas is prohibited soil sealing. Existing lanes will remain, but new ones will be covered by permeable surface (for example, the granite screenings or tiles). This is consistent with the state environmental expertise”, — says Andrey Kharchenko.

Here is prohibited and processing chemicals. For example, ticks here do not poison. For safety only to mow the grass along organized trails and clearing trails from fallen trees.

“If the bird is nesting we will eat the poisoned mites, it can seriously hurt and even die. We can not allow that”, — says Andrey Kharchenko.

cow parsnip in the Park, mow regularly throughout the season. This weed very closely by the inspectors. However, periodically there are new areas of growth, because seeds are easily carried on the soles, wool and bAstro root. Also, mowing is done at the request of citizens. By the way, Muscovites often mistaken for cow parsnip Angelica forest — a completely harmless plant. Its white parasols as well as umbrellas Hogweed, nettle and other herbs, can reach a height of human growth.

Despite the planned improvement works in the woods will be the most preserved natural environment. Therefore, along with benches and children’s and sports grounds will remain quiet nature.