The road is still long. It was the last day of the mouths of both politicians and experts. The possibility that the National Security council (DVR) tomorrow and decided to take some of the steps have been exhausted, it has to be small. However, to some of the hard buttons made it.

The group of ten man working party exit strategy, under the direction of professor Erika Vlieghe (UAntwerpen) will be released today, with a preliminary report that is the basis for the decisions made by the National Security council tomorrow to take it. It is expected that the majority of the measures have been extended to 3 may. In the Rue de la loi, nobody has to jump to another case, in spite of it’s behavior this past weekend.

* as of Monday, the back to school ? The chance is very small. That is, at the latest on Monday 4 may, and is expected to increase. Minister for education, Ben Weyts (N-VA) allows for the teachers starting on Monday, anyway, it’s online the new contents to offer.

* It turns out that the RECORDING will be tomorrow and a final decision on the case on the festivals and big zomerevents . Behind-the-scenes, go to a lot of organizers of a cancellation, but in terms of the practicalities everyone is looking to make a formal decision from the government.

* Must for shops, garden centers, or hairdressers, etc. , all should be dreaming of a speedy re-opening? It is unlikely, for example, it is to be heard in political circles. Especially after the goal at the household the previous week, and the behavior of some people during the easter weekend. Voka called in the meantime for a smart and time-phased plan in which our economy back on track, pulls”. No one wants to be for the time being, attempt to make a forecast as to how that plan is going to look like, but it is expected that, tomorrow, a rst is returned.

* Professor Erik Vlieghe, warned this weekend for the trips will sit down this summer and probably won’t. Even in Belgium, the boundaries are open, it’s not to say that other countries do the same thing. Want to see europe in the next few days, together with all the different countries, to provide a unified approach to talking about the free movement of people. In a summer where we are all on the one square meter of mobilizing outside on the beach?

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