Who’s playing: Alexander Ivanov and Rondo band.

What’s playing: Pop-rock.

Why go: Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the group “Rondo” is associated with many soft glam, little interest to date. But bard, in fact, a song by Alexander Ivanov from the album “Sinful soul sorrow” still remain bestsellers, and he haplology the leader of the “Rondo” is a romantic hero. At the concert both incarnations of the “Russian Steven Tyler” will appear at its best.

Where, when, how much: August 14; the Green theatre ENEA, 900 to 5 000.

Who’s playing: Dmitry Makeev and Philip Kopachevsky. Leading Artem Vargaftik.

What’s playing: Rachmaninov – Suite No. 1 (Fantasia) for two pianos, Polka, M. Ravel – Bolero (author’s transcription for two pianos), D. Milhaud “Scaramouche” Suite for two pianos.

Why go: a Recent broadcast of “Home season” of the Moscow Philharmonic once again confirmed Dmitry Masleev, the winner of the XV competition. Tchaikovsky, the rank of the main hopes of the Russian pianism. In a duet with the winner of several prestigious competitions Philip Kopachevsky also speakers in the “Home season” will be performed, in particular, Ravel’s “Bolero” arranged for two pianos.

Where, when, how much: Concert hall. Tchaikovsky; August 11 (starting at 20.00); 300 – 1 500 RUB

Who’s playing: Questa Musica Ensemble under the management of Philip Chizhevsky, soloists: Boris Andrianov, Peter aydu, Leonid Iron, Daniel Kogan, Olga Ivusheykova, Anna Koshkina.

What’s playing: J. S. Bach – Concerto for two violins, strings and basso continuo in d minor, Concerto for violin, flute, clavier, strings and basso continuo in a minor, J. Sollima – “When we were trees” for two cellos and string ensemble.

Why go: Questa Musica Ensemble under the management of Philip Chizhevsky, which fans jokingly called the “Deputy Currentzis in Moscow” will connect the classical concerts of Bach with the contemporary cellist Giovanni Sollima. To be the soloist in the performance of works of the Italian, apparently, is a longtime fan of his work, Boris Andrianov, who said once: “Sollima is a group Apocalyptica alone.” As they say, the other one is.

Where, when, how much: Concert hall. Tchaikovsky; 13 June (starting at 20.00); 300 – 1 200 RUB.