So, in the first place is an apartment in the mansion Kushelev-Bezborodko. For the object area of 493 square meters, the owner asks for 680 million rubles. However, the living area of the object is “only” 280 “squares”, but the present owner here is where to turn, the kitchen area in house – of 135.5 square meters.

By the way, in the same mansion for sale another apartment included in the ranking of the most expensive real estate of St. Petersburg. Price of the lot is 530 million rubles, square 383 square meters. The owner reports that the apartment has a fireplace, ceiling it leaves a crystal chandelier, and the walls in the apartment are decorated with silk Wallpaper.

In ranking it third place, and the second belongs to duplex apartment on Bolshaya Pushkarskaya street with a total area of 539 square meters. Price of 650 million rubles. As a gift, the seller promises to give buyer a set of antique European furniture. The most spacious apartment of the rating is located on Mytninskaya embankment, price of 450 million, and covers an area of 608 square meters. However, a significant amount of this area is occupied by residential areas, the winter gardens, spacious halls, and private viewing deck with an area of 30 square meters. The apartment is equipped with private elevators equipped with “Smart house”. The present owners leave all the furniture, equipment and plants from the winter garden.

Closes the five of the most expensive residential real estate Petersburg apartment on Dvortsovaya embankment, 10, an area of 351 square meter. For the object the owner is asking 400 million, but analysts CYANOGEN draw attention to the fact that six months ago, this flat was sold for half a billion. The owners pay attention to that mansion on the Palace embankment constructed under the project of architect Giacomo Quarenghi and more than a hundred years belonged to the princes Gagarin. The apartment is a duplex, with two entrances, a front and black. In the present owner promises to leave the furniture.