The Moscow Plant of Thermal Automation has received a 10-year privilege, which applies to the lease of three city plots, said Vladimir Efimov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations.

A wide range of measures to support entrepreneurs is provided in the capital. One of them is a reduced land lease rate for organizations with the status of a technopark or an industrial complex (0.01 percent and 0.3 percent of the cadastral value of the plots, respectively).

The benefit is enjoyed by companies operating in socially significant industries: food industry, pharmaceuticals, high-tech industries. The discount is issued in the form of an additional agreement to the lease agreement. Previously, technoparks and industrial complexes had to annually confirm the status that gives them the right to use rental benefits. This year, a decision was made according to which special statuses are extended automatically.

According to him, for the first time the company granted a privilege to lease a plot of 0.8 hectares in 2019. Thanks to a similar benefit provided earlier, entrepreneurs will save 2.5 million rubles on renting this land in 2022.

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