In the preparation of the next, 65th competition already invested a lot of money, Vesco spent and broadcaster responsible for the broadcast of “Eurovision” in their countries. This is readily tightened sponsors (the event because of the title, pan-European, its television audience runs into millions, and the fans now come even from Australia, New Zealand and USA). The tickets were already almost sold out and the hotels of Rotterdam – this city was supposed to be a competition were only the most expensive rooms. But Eurovision is predictable canceled due to pandemic coronavirus, and somehow did it later than other major European tournaments (e.g., world hockey championship, a prestigious film and rock festivals, which can also be called “tournaments”). Instead, the organizers of the song contest – the European broadcasting Union (EBU) had to quickly come up with some alternative activities. That though as-that to brighten up the lack of the usual Eurovision artists, and spectators, and sponsors.

And it managed to combine for the first time on “the Eurovision” will take place on such a global concert like this one, scheduled for may 16. Now in online format. The idea really wonderful. And conceived with a Napoleonic scale. New big concert (albeit forced because of the pandemic) was called Eurovision: Shine a Light (or rather just it can be translated as “Eurovision” do not give light”), will be held on the day of the alleged earlier finals. The organizers hope online it will still get festive!

Executive producer of Eurovision the information centre Bakker were talking about this global gala concert, which will be released in a television broadcast instead of the finals, but at the same time – may 16 at 21.00 (European time):

– We want to inspire all those who are at home. I want to unite people from all over Europe and beyond in these difficult times. Of course, we also honor the memory of those who suffered from coronavirus crisis, and those who are struggling so hard with him. Let’s make this a memorable moment in the history of Eurovision!

Here’s what the EBU finally invented. Artists from 41 countries, who were supposed to participate in the contest in Rotterdam will broadcast every one of a favorite places in their state. And their song will sound, but now in online format. No competition and audience voting will not be there: the terms “Eurovision” all competitors must be in equal conditions and therefore be on the same stage. Because of the pandemic is impossible.

just as planned and in Rotterdam, the program will conduct three leading: Edsilia Rumble, Chantal, josé and Ian Smith. They will announce the song numbers, to talk about ArtieStach. You will hear the same songs, which was expected… But there will be more star guests. Someone will be broadcast from their homes, studios or apartments here is the audience and will be interested to know who among them how to live? From celebrities promised, for example, a German engineer Michael Schultz. Johnny Logan. Definitely have confirmed their participation previous winners: Netta, Duncan Lawrence, Mons Serenli, Maria Serifovic. And the entire show will last two hours. That is the same as usual and the final of “Eurovision”.

the group may feel especially resentful because the “Eurovision”-2020 will not take place in a familiar and beloved audience format. On 8 may song Uno, which they had to present in Rotterdam, there were already more than 88 million views, and the dance, where a group of “throws pranks”, dancing in the world. For comparison: in Victoria from Bulgaria – that which initially was expected to win by the bookies, now they are only 2.2 million… the Ukrainian group A_Go bit more: 3,8. And cost probably at least several tens of thousands of dollars video Azeri Effendi – Cleopatra – really great shot, with panoramic shots, expensive special effects and costumes, excellent direction and sophisticated camera work, looked “only” 4.3 million people. Leadership St. Petersburg rave Quartet – undeniable. Now we can only guess, but it is obvious that such a clear advantage Little Big, probably would have won the Eurovision song contest.

may 7 evening, the Explorer, “RG” called the group and caught the musicians in their native Saint-Petersburg: Little Big has completed work on a new song. The premiere was held the next morning, 8 may. Hypnodancer (most likely, this name can be translated as “Hypnotic dancer”) – again the daring and the playful rave, with verses sung in turns to Elijah and Sophia, and chorus, they broke out in chorus.

However, the Eurovision concert: Shine a Light, the group will play the same, a favorite Europe song Uno. And the track Hypnodancer group will surely wish to present to the public. After the pandemic Ilya Prusikin and his team will certainly embark on a European tour. It is to him that they were prepared when they learned that they would go on “the Eurovision”. And it is because of the preparation for the competition were forced to cancel it. With regard to the participation in the Little Big concert on may 16, it is not yet known what city the group will go on an online communication with the hosts of the show: from Moscow or St. Petersburg.

How did you find the band, live performance of songs in this format are planned. It displays the already well known to Europe the video for the song Uno, or musicians get off something new, is unclear. But Little Big know how to do everything at the last moment. It’s a tradition they have since the beginning of his career: after the first clip GRUPPU called for a tour. “How – surprised Ilya Prusikin – because we have no other songs?!” “Nothing,’ retorted the organizers – you have a whole month ahead, so let’s write!” Really, I wrote six! So now’s probably up to something interesting. Wait until may 16.


it Became known that in 2021 the “Eurovision” will be held again in Rotterdam. It may involve the same actors that were supposed to sing now (but it’s already the qualifying jury in all countries). But the songs have to be presented already by others. Under the rules of “Eurovision” it can only be the new items.