to Simplify the rules of allowances for children is the intention of the Ministry of labor. Young mothers don’t have to collect a heap of inquiries. In addition, count on payments will be able to even those who are deprived of parental rights.

As it became known “MK” in the labor office prepared an updated procedure for the payment of benefits to citizens with children.

perhaps the Most revolutionary innovation will relate to the negligent fathers and mothers, which the court has deprived of parental rights or restrict them. In the current version of the document related to him hard and clear: no child benefit they are not entitled. The new order will be much smoother, there will be exceptions to the General rule. Among them – the maternity allowance and maternity allowance to women who registered on the account in female consultation in early terms of pregnancy, as well as a lump sum pregnant wife of a soldier recruit. The money under the new rules will rely even those who in the past did not care about their already existing children, and they were excommunicated.

Another important change concerns the collection of documents. The paperwork and running the offices of the new rules is canceled. Validation of applicant information and selection of necessary certificates officials will become engaged themselves. To request they will any information time to receive a reply five days. Apply for childrens future payments or a young mother can not only mail, but also through the MFC or the state services portal. The new simplified procedure will be applied to the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth, one-time and monthly payments for toddlers as well as benefits for wives and children of soldiers.