The Ministry of health spoke about the effectiveness of the salt solution for the prevention of coronavirus

MOSCOW, April 11. /TASS/. Lavage of the nose and throat with saline can be used as prevention of various respiratory infections, including coronavirus, but the efficiency of this method is high only in conjunction with other protection measures. This Saturday told reporters in press service Ministry of health of Russia.

Earlier, the Ministry of health has published provisional guidelines on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus infection of the new type. There, in particular, specifies that as a therapy it is possible to use isotonic solution of sodium chloride.

“the Irrigation of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity with isotonic sodium chloride solution reduces the number of viral and bacterial infectious agents on the mucosal. It can be an effective method of preventing infection if used along with observance of rules of hygiene — careful hand washing, using antiseptic solution, wearing protective masks,” — said in the message.

the Ministry said that in the event of viral infection, usually affects the mucosa of the nose and throat, and isotonic solutions of sodium chloride have antiviral and antibacterial activity and are recommended for symptomatic treatment of mucosal lesions.

“At the same time, the probability of disease is reduced is guaranteed only in case of observance of the regime of self-isolation and to minimize social contacts”, — stated in the message.

“we draw attention that the treatment of diseases caused by coronavirus infection, can be assigned exclusively by the doctor. The choice and combination of drugs depends on the degree of severity of the disease. Treatment is carried out under medical supervision”, — noted in the press service.