The Ministry of foreign Affairs stated the need for urgent assistance for vulnerable COVID 19 refugees

MOSCOW, 16 APR – RIA Novosti. The urgent need for full-fledged assistance to vulnerable to coronavirus infection to refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), as well as the countries hosting these categories of persons, in this case, attempts to use these contributions for political purposes is unacceptable, said the Russian foreign Ministry, commenting on the review of the office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) to curb the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 among refugees and IDPs.

“we Believe the urgent need of providing full-fledged assistance is highly vulnerable to coronavirus infection to refugees and IDPs, as well as by the countries hosting these categories of persons. In this case, we consider unacceptable the attempts to use these contributions for political and other purposes, far removed from considerations of humanity and impartiality”, – stated in the message of the Russian foreign Ministry.

“Reaffirm also the relevance of the immediate and total rejection of unilateral sanctions and other restrictive measures that undermine the capacity of States to deploy an effective fight against the pandemic COVID-19”, – the Ministry added. The Russian foreign Ministry welcomed “the commitment of UNHCR in close cooperation with the authorities of States to include refugees in national programmes in the fight against COVID-19 and information campaigns among the population”.

“deserve Broad support for UNHCR’s efforts to curb the spread of infection by increasing the supply of humanitarian goods to countries experiencing a shortage of medical supplies, as well as the intensification of works on strengthening of systems of water supply and sanitation in the camps, hospitals, schools and other institutions”, – said the Agency.

it is Noted that currently in the world there is an acute threat of large-scale spread of the virus among this vulnerable population. According to UNHCR, around 80% of refugees and IDPs are almost all in low income.

So, in the Middle East and North Africa inspire the greatest concern the risks of the spread of the virus in affected Syria, Iraq and Libya, the health system suffered greatly and need the support. In addition, on the African continent, where most refugees and IDPs live in difficult sanitary conditions, the difficult situation in health care is compounded by concurrent outbreaks of measles, Ebola, diphtheria.

there is an alarming situation around Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Complicated situation in Iran, where there are about 1 million Afghan refugees. In addition, in America the primary task of Management is to assist countries of asylum to Venezuelans who fled their country. Work with national and local authorities of Colombia and Brazil to examine the possibility of expanding existing camps to implement the recommended quarantine measures.

Current data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.