Such an appeal was submitted to the Ministry informed from the heads of several regions. Earlier with a similar appeal to the Governor of the Kaliningrad region was made by the Corporation “Commonwealth” – one of the largest processors of soya in Russia. Against this decision is also fat-and-oil Union. According to opponents of the resolution, the resolution on the importation of GMO soybeans and meal will bring down the price of meal in the country and will make the processing of soybeans unprofitable business.

the Regulation is aimed at the support of livestock enterprises and conservation of the level of cost of animal products, are sure, in turn, the Ministry of agriculture. The Department believes that the document will help to create a competitive environment in the sector of feed production with GMOs and will increase the quantity supplied of soybeans that “a positive impact on the development of the Russian poultry and pork”. And the quality control of raw materials and finished products will be provided by the Rosselkhoznadzor.

“the Suspension or revocation of the act will create conditions for forage shortages and jeopardize stable operation of the Russian cattle-breeding enterprises. In addition, the presence in the domestic market de facto monopoly in the supply of soya beans contain GMOs, is a direct risk of increases in prevailing prices of livestock products” – speak in the Ministry of agriculture. In this regard, the grounds for cancellation of the decision is no, according to the Department.

thus in the Ministry notice that to import only previously registered soybeans and meal, and only until the end of 2020. In the future, the Ministry of agriculture is considering revising the conditions of importation of soymeal and soybeans for the achievement of self-sufficiency in soybean.

According to the Agency, last year soybean production amounted to 4.36 million tons. In 2020 it is planned to reach 4.7 million tons in 2021, 5.1 million tons, 2022 5.6 million tonnes.