to Protect Russian doll from a Chinese counterfeiting is the intention of the Ministry. To this end, officials want to provide the customs database with images of these works of Russian folk art. The Ministry prepared a package of amendments to the law “On folk artistic Handicrafts”.

the authors of the bill complain about the dominance of fake painted trays, boxes with ornament and feather shawls. Fly fakes, according to officials, mostly from abroad. The growing volume of goods in circulation poses a serious threat to the industry with a large share of manual labor, which does not allow to exploit the full potential of the development for bona fide producers. Moreover, the office noted that even the enterprise of national art crafts with Russian absolute awareness of its products, is experiencing significant pressure counterfeit and the decline in sales.

to Protect the masterpieces of Russian masters officials decided digital database. It is expected that it will be collected by the graphic images of the crafts. To use the directory will be customs officers and law enforcement officers. The developers of the bill hope that this measure will reduce the turnover of counterfeit dolls and Palekh boxes to zero.


Says the Director of the enterprise “Artists of Palekh” Alexander Zubkov: “the Situation with the crafts as the paid medicine – no one wants to cure the patient, but still want to treat it. It is necessary to completely ban the import of products that mimic Russian crafts from other countries and, in particular, from China. What they give for Palekh, actually printed on the printer picture. The real work of Palekh artist contains 25-30 layers of paint, the workpiece is soaked in linseed oil, paint mixed with the egg yolk, used real gold leaf. Will the picture from the catalog customs officer or a police officer to identify authentic is work or fake? No, you can’t. In addition, we do not have samples. What artist, if he came up with an image that is not in the directory?”.