a Great actor, Director, charismatic, he was 30 years at the helm of the Moscow Art theatre and created the Union of theatrical figures and was the first Secretary of its Board. Starred, played, put. But perhaps his most important title, in Golden letters forever inscribed in the history of the Russian theatre, there will be “Creator of the theater “Contemporary”. This lanky, with a narrow face, jerky and funny movements to the person who was crazy about women, and all men wanted to be him, the theater at Clean ponds (although the first address it – Mayakovsky square) owes its appearance to the light. May 24 artists of different generations will remember his father-the founder.

He was a young man, even to thirty, when the Studio of young actors, later named the “Contemporary”, played his first performance – “live Forever”. Bright, incredibly contagious, and extremely convincing in how he saw the new theatre, Efremov was able to infect my dream of former students.

Oleg Nikolaevich was, of course, a very talented man: his acting and directing work and not just impress or delight – they always relate to the most important things in a person, provoke a question to himself – a complex, deep, sometimes painful. About the artistic gift of Ephraim written a great volume of research.

And yet, as has been testified to those who started with him, “Sovremennik”, the main talent, but rather the genius of Oleg Nikolaevich was the ability to lead people “infect” their own dream of the theatre. In the mid-1950s from the point of view of any sane person attempt to create a theatre “from the bottom” seemed to be not just a utopia. Yesterday the country was almost paralyzed by Stalin’s system where any initiative could turn into a ticket to the GULAG.

the administrative machine was rebuilt quite quickly, and it was impossible not to face, creating state theatre (the others were not in the USSR). But Efremov threatened and made to believe in the possibility to step from ideas to reality all those who went after him.

Anyone who is familiar with the details of how and what, overcoming, becoming on your feet, “Contemporary”, still seems unbelievable that the beautiful utopia, not only came true but also became a theatre, which happens to be interesting to people today, on the seventh decade of its history.

the Moral, humanistic values and attempt to find new artistic truth stood at the forefront of the idea of Oleg Efremov. He did not deceive neither himself nor his comrades, nor the viewer. Told the truth and was very honest, not hiding the fact that the path can be very heavy. He poluchilosb. Efremov genius won. Thank You, Oleg.