The media told why the General Shaimuratov 75 years were not awarded the Hero

this year, after 75 years after the Victory in the great Patriotic war by the decree of the President of the feats in that war, the title of Hero of Russia posthumously awarded to General Minnigali Shaimuratov. Why so long deserved award was looking for a Hero, told the e-edition “Army standard”.

a Future national hero of Bashkiria was born in 1899 in the village Bastaki. During the civil war enlisted in the Red army. Was awarded comparson of the 1st Cavalry army Semyon Budyonny inscribed silver sword. After the war he studied at the special faculty of the Frunze Academy, commanded a regiment of the Kremlin guard. From the second half of the 1930s had worked in the Intelligence Directorate. Was the Soviet military attache in Turkey, then military attache at the government of Chiang Kai-shek in China.

Since the beginning of the great Patriotic war of Shaimuratov commanded one of the regiments of the cavalry corps of General Lev Dovatora, fought near Moscow. Then was withdrawn to the rear for the formation of the 112th Bashkir cavalry division. In the early summer of 1942, the division sent to the front. About how she fought, says such a fact: this kadisia was the champion of the red Army in the number of Heroes of the Soviet Union — 78(!).

Bassavcisi fought at Stalingrad, after the victorious conclusion of the operation was transferred to the Donbass. In early February, 1943, made a RAID on the rear of the enemy in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The cavalry managed to break through to the important railway junction debaltseve. But the case, which included Baldivia, was surrounded.

the Task of breaking the encirclement, the corps commander gave the division commander Shaymuratova. Due to the lack of credible intelligence to attack it’s actually blind. The Germans concentrated large forces. To break out of the “pot” cavalrymen still managed. But the losses were very large. His returned only 500 cavalry. The division commander was not among them.

the Fate of General long remained is not known. According to one version, he was captured. After the war the site of the last battle General sent a special Commission. The results have not been declared, perhaps because could find nothing.

the version with the prisoner was prevented from to give the General title of Hero. The “top” of the submissions to award the General-the cavalry Gold Star is not allowed.

And only in 1990-e years managed to find witnesses of the death of General in the winter of 1943 under Debalcevo. During a break of Shaimuratov was seriously wounded. Hid in rural log cabin, among the other wounded. However, the Germans found the General. He was tortured, his eyes gouged out with bayonets, cut stars on the chest, back and shoulders in the form of shoulder straps… In the end, the wounded were finished off with blows of swords and buried in the yard of one of houses.

And now, after almost eight decades Minnigali Shaimuratov posthumously awarded the title of Hero.