MOSCOW, 1 may. /TASS/. , Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin expressed the hope that Moscow will avoid the peak of infection with the novel coronavirus, as this needs to had a large number of people.

“When we have this peak be? God forbid that it did not exist. Below this peak has passed, it is necessary that 60% of the population infected. For Moscow, almost 7 million people. Why is it, these picks us to go?”, he said Friday in an interview for the film Naila Asker-zade “Dangerous virus”, a fragment of which was shown in the program “Vesti” on TV channel “Russia-1”.

“Maybe it is easier for us still to withstand this pressure, to wait, when will be the vaccine just to avoid the peak of infection of this mass of people?” he added.

In Moscow in recent days been 3 561 case of infection with coronavirus in the capital 57 300 infected. In Russia, according to the Federal operative headquarters of the anti-coronavirus, was 114 431 cases of infection, recovered 13 220 people died in 1 169. The government has launched a resource stopmanager.Russia to inform about the situation in the country.