Among the specific specialties are “Preschool education”, “Nursing”, “Medical care”, “Agronomy”, “Additive technologies”, “Hotel business”, “Operation of unmanned aircraft systems”, “Management, operation and maintenance of an apartment building”. Among the professions – “Graphic designer”, “Flaw detector”, “Master of landscape and landscape construction”, “Master of crop production”, “Master of general construction works” and others.

Students studying in the professions and specialties from the list can apply for government scholarships, which are assigned as an additional incentive. The winners are paid up to 4 thousand rubles a month.

“The previous list was approved in 2014. A lot has changed since then. For example, new federal educational standards were introduced for secondary vocational education, including in priority specialties in leading sectors of the economy. And some of the professions have lost their relevance, the admission to them has been discontinued, ” the government noted.