Nastya Ivleva/ISA Anokhin

During the quarantine, we are all accustomed to life online, well, the bloggers again and again give reason to understand that passion there simmer no less than in real life.

so the new week began with another quarrel of two popular representatives of social networks. At this time, 35-year-old Svetlana Anokhina criticized the 29-year-old Nastya Ivleva.

Nastya Ivleva ISA Anokhin

it all Started with the fact that Yulia Koval, a friend and colleague Ivlieva, asked its subscribers if they would like to see their joint show on the channel “Friday!”, opposing the possible transfer show ISA Anokhina.

ISA didn’t leave it without comment.

you Can take anyone from the village, dressed in all very fashionable, and most importantly, all the fashion) but inside the village you will be forever in you) I hope I’m wrong and I just imagined it. (Spelling and punctuation of the author saved here and hereafter. — Approx. edition)

— wrote Anokhina, sharing with your followers a screenshot of storis.

In his next message, she appealed directly to Nastya.

I don’t know anything about Smith or whatever. But I do know that it is time for Nastya to feel the earth beneath my feet. Expensive clothes does not make a redneck person. Everybody humiliated and catchy. The village and the grandmother on the bench version 2020

— said ISA.

By the way, new show Ivlieva really cook, but assistant didn’t call friend, and all of its subscribers. Apparently, taking into account the success of his show “Direct quarantine”, the main theme of which were a variety of challenges, Anastasia decided to continue this format, but now to participate in it everyone can.

If you want to resist the stars and win real babosiki, showing his talent in the popular show Nasty Ulevoi read carefully the rules:

1) Record a horizontal video with a brief description about yourself (name, how old, where). br>
2) Tell me the conditions of your challenge (it is desirable that he was the author, complex and not trivial) — and then successfully execute it on camera. The more interesting and more difficult your challenge, the more chances you have to take babosiki. br>
3) Complete the challenge within the premises. br>
4) Upload the video on file sharing and drop us a link in the mail,

— explained the rules Ivlieva.

Recall that live with Timothy in the show “Direct quarantine” broke the record of instagram — at some point, to broadcast joined 560 thousand spectators! That’s where the rapper was pierced lip, and her daughter cut their favorite things and drew pictures with his chest.