From June 1, earn new measures to support Russians in the period of the spread of coronavirus. This is stated on the website of the Pension Fund of Russia.

Families with children will receive financial support in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. This amount is provided for each child, which in the period from 11 may to 30 June 2020 were from 3 to 16 years. Payment – a lump sum that is given once.

its design has several months to submit an application on the portal is possible until 1 October 2020. And that is very important: it “does not depend on the family income, the availability of work and wages, and also pensions, grants, social benefits and other measures of social support”, – reports the website of the Pension Fund of Russia.

Since June 1, all social payments, which are intended to support Russian citizens in difficult situations, are protected from seizure by bailiffs. This is stated in the Federal law of February 21, 2019 N 12-FZ “On amendments to the Federal law “On enforcement proceedings”.

By law, such payments and now we can not withdraw the debtors. But it still happened, as the bailiffs could not allocate social benefits in the total flow of income to the accounts of citizens.

on June 1, all payments of social character will be marked in the banking system. Now, who will transfer to the citizens the money, which may not be levied the debt, is obligated to indicate in the design documents, the relevant code of such income.

As he wrote, “RG”, we are talking about cash payments on loss of breadwinner, to support families with children, in case of loss of health, injury contusion in the performance of official duties. And also – the parent capital.

Since June, will be added to the payments to victims during an emergency, one-time financial assistance in connection with loss of property of the first necessity, a lump sum to the relatives of the citizens killed in the disaster. And payments made by victims in emergency situations when the health of injured of varying severity.

On June 14 for transferring money within the same Bank in another region relatives or friends will not be charged Commission. This is stated in the Federal act of 16 Dec 2019 N 434-FZ “On amendments to article 29 of the Federal law “On banks and banking”.

As already wrote “RG”, the innovation will allow to ensure free movement of funds in the financial market of the Russian Federation. Will also be to promote non-cash payments.

Now, to send money to another region within the same Bank, one has to pay the credit institution the Commission. They is usually 1-1. 5% of the amount transferred.

Since June 1, for payment of medical services up to one percent is limited to a maximum Commission on acquiring (charged non-cash payments for goods and services with plastic cards).

This is done to reduce costs for healthcare institutions in a pandemic COVID-19. The relief applies to clinics and hospitals, medical labs, emergency care and licensed physicians. The limitation of the Commission will act to September 30, 2020.

Before acquiring the fee was limited to online ordering, food, medicine, clothing, goods of daily demand.

employment Centres from 1 June will begin to request information in several offices. For example, on whether there are children and how many of them who asks to put it on the record as unemployed and assign the benefit, the request will go to the Unified state register of records of acts of civil status.

For information about the registration of a citizen will apply to the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. All the necessary information about the individual entrepreneur with the tax history will be checked using the Federal tax service.

And on the basis of these data, obtaining the status of unemployed. Department where the query should answer them no later than five working days. All this will take place in the online space.

If between the received information and information indicated by citizens in the electronic statement will be identified contradictions, possible recalculation of previously assigned benefits.

From June 26, will be a law which will protect Russians from low-quality alcohol. We are talking about the Federal law from December 27, 2019 N 468-FZ “On viticulture and winemaking in the Russian Federation”.

As already wrote “Russian newspaper” will be installed control of production processes “from the vine to the bottle.” The document spelled out what the counterfeit, substandard and adulterated products.

the Law establishes requirements for the labeling of products and rules for retail sales. The label must be information about the variety, the place of origin of the wine and the vintage year.

will Also be a special term – “wine of Russia”. If this inscription you will see on the bottle, the wine is 100 percent made from Russian grapes. If you drink alcohol not more than 22 degrees contain still other ingredients, it’s a wine drink. The label will be the inscription: “it is Not wine.” And it will take separate shelves in the shops. All the innovations for wines produced until 26 June 2020.

the Law will also protect the land where the grapes are grown. They cannot be used for other purposes.

Since June 1, the Federal tax service will begin again to collect debts from legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Unless, of course, up to this time will not be extended, moratory�� to such actions.

in the meantime, in a Letter dated 27.04.2020 No. ED-20-8/53@ “ON the extension of the suspension of the application of measures of debt enforcement and related security measures”, signed by head FNS Daniel Egorov, is the date of completion of the moratorium until 31 may inclusive.

It was introduced to support the business during coronavirus pandemic, which was introduced restrictive measures. And most enterprises have not worked. Do not fall under the moratorium only cases where the temporary promotion could lead to concealment of assets or other actions that impede the recovery.

On 16 June, the number of relief measures for foreign nationals that have been made in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, will be cancelled. This is stated in the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 18.04.2020 N 274.

Recall that March 15 foreigners, which ends the action of the documents could stay in Russia. This applies to visas, residence permit. Also you can not renew the work permits and patents. Ate the effect of easing will not be extended, their effect will end after June 15.


From 17 June to obtain Russian citizenship to foreigners will be in a simplified manner. This is stated in the Federal act of 18 March 2020 N 63-FZ. Period decision on applications will be reduced from six to three months.

But, as previously wrote “the Russian newspaper”, these changes apply only to foreigners who apply in Russia.