The Lachin corridor remains entirely under the control of Russian peacekeepers.

Since December 1, under a tripartite statement signed by the presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia, subdivisions of the Azerbaijani army entered Lachin district. Prior to that, the Armenian armed forces left the Agdam and Kelbajar districts.

Now the town of Lachin left almost all the locals. Araz Hagopian and Hagop Terzian side by side for 22 years. Now they will live far away from each other. Araz went to Yerevan to stay with relatives. His wife and children sent a week ago.

“just throw everything away. Just do not know where to put things. I have there no place”, – said the resident of Lachin Araz Hakobyan.

Hagop Terzian went to the nearby town of Goris. While living in the dorms, what’s next – do not know.

“the State had become. Dorm. A week or two there will hold it in place, then as will be further – is not known”, – said the resident of Lachin Hagop Terzian.

December 1, Lachin, as the entire area comes under the control of the Azerbaijani side. Simple property bags, window frames and doors removed from the hinges. Such a situation occurs in any house in the city. Latest local residents preparing to leave.

Some leave themselves, other local authority has to persuade. For their own safety. But it turns out not always. Especially when it concerns elderly people. But no matter how hard the situation, until the evening the city must leave, all the inhabitants without exception.

Officially in the town of Lachin lived 2.5 thousand people. But in fact there are only 100. In other towns and villages in the Lachin district the house was empty a week ago.

“In principle, there is 95% already the relocation is completed,” – said the head of the administration of the Kashatagh region Musher Alaverdyan

The Lachin, under a tripartite agreement departs Azerbaijan, however, the Lachin corridor remains entirely under the control of Russian peacekeepers.

“the Main task is to ensure the safety of civilians across the Lachin corridor. We have a journal where we record the make, the number of people that come and the direction in which you go. Also the main task – prevention of violations of the ceasefire”, – said the head of the observation post Ruslan Ramazanov.

The demilitarized zone five kilometers. In addition to peacekeepers would not be here no one, neither civilian nor military. But for travel – the corridor is still open.