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you, and Dirk Van Duppen (63), one of the containers of Medicine to the people for the People, it is Monday evening and died. This confirms the LABOUR party. Van Duppen was sick.

Dirk Van Duppen, started in the nineteen-eighties, a group practice of Medicine for the People, Deurne, the netherlands. In this organisation, founded by Michel Leyers and Site Traffic, anyone can get free health care. The doctors will ask their patients to not exceed the amount that will be reimbursed by the health insurance fund.

Van Duppen, was for many years an advocate of the New Zealand kiwi as a model for other drugs. It is writing to the government’s procurement of drugs. Only the best provider will be reimbursed. In afscheidsinterviews earlier this year, we called it Van Duppen, the results of the fight against “big pharma” are the largest self-realization.

The doctor was also active in the LABOUR party. He was in the party, in the district of Deurne, the netherlands, in the port of Antwerp town council and the local social services board. He did fight in Antwerp, against the Lange Wapper bridge, a referendum was taken and at the same time, it is replaced by the Oosterweelverbinding.

in the Last five years, pancreatic cancer identified by the medical doctor. “If the time is not catch up, then we’re agreed on that, I better go. That is why I am also so happy to see that euthanasiewet,” he said in January at the VRT. Van Duppen wrote a book: “If it was the time that me teaching was,” in which he made his living surveys. Earlier, he wrote, include “the Diary of Beirut’ (1986),” Why are drugs so expensive’ (2004), ” The supersamenwerker’ (2016).

In February, the last book of the doctor, introduced in the port of Antwerp hall of The Station. It was a farewell celebration in which 1,350 tickets in a matter of days and were out of stock.

The memorial is in the inner circle of the place. There will be an online book.

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