Dmitry Peskov told reporters that it would be inappropriate to comment on the evidence that the mortality rate from COVID-19 among Russian physicians exceeds the mortality of doctors in other countries. According to him, he does not know under which statistics are made appropriate conclusions. That the doctors keep a list in memory of colleagues who died from the coronavirus in the Kremlin known.

“But I don’t understand how the doctors calculate mortality among the doctors,” – said Peskov, noting that all the information is directed to the Ministry of health. “We believe from other data,” he said. But promised to contact the Ministry of health with a request to give reasoned comments on this and other topic regarding the change of approach to the development of statistics on cases of coronavirus.

Now she, according to the recommendations of the Ministry, will not include patients with positive tests but no symptoms. Journalists have suggested that this approach may affect including management decisions of the authorities. Peskov acknowledged that such a question has a right to exist. “We’ll deal with the explanations of the Ministry of health and continue the conversation,” he said.