Always, when it comes back around in the new Trash-successful mission, she is somehow in the middle: sometimes it comes with your opponent Désirée Nick almost a tangibility, time Matthias Mangiapane blasphemes up to a white heat over them in a Rage, other times Bastian Yotta hidden annoyed all inventories of alcoholic beverages in front of her.

Now fashion entrepreneur Claudia Obert tells how the events in Thailand experienced. The blame for the bickering you see on other.

FOCUS Online woman Obert, since episode 1, there are Dauerzoff in “celebrities under the palm trees” – as one of its main competitors, Matthias Mangiapane occurs …

Claudia Obert: … I can’t remember at all that I have spoken with Matthias Mangiapane ever longer or discussed. What to give the people somewhere to the Best, I’m not interested in. Matthias has cooked in the house is always bad. And with a staff I’m generally.

Via Mangiapane: “He has the Body of a Teewurst”

FOCUS Online Matthias has in the recent episode described with the words: “tactless, dull, primitive”. How would you describe him?

Claudia Obert: He has the Body of a Teewurst, the hairstyle and the facial expression of a Korean dictator. And he urgently needs to make a cooking course. Therefore, I had to feed me liquid. Sat.1 Mattias Mangiapane must be upset again.

FOCUS Online your consumption of alcohol was also a stumbling block. Bastian Yotta has hidden all the bottles in front of them, they were virtually excluded from the dinner. How did you find that?

Claudia Obert: I have a skin like an elephant, especially when there are such jackets Stupid. I was, I think, the Only one who has been drinking alcohol. This was not a good thing, so much was not there.

she Was tipsy really permanent?

FOCUS Online Is the impression that you went to Thailand, duration of tipsy with a glass of bubbly through the Show, right or wrong?

Claudia Obert: That comes about in the direction of. Anyway, I have not spread out of the Off duration of the negative Vibes on the other. I would think the search for a mass murderer or something. Mine has been missing for so, that there are also times to laugh. The only person who laughed – even about yourself -that was permanent, I. A little bit of Comedy wouldn’t have hurt the event. Sat.1 Ronald Schill, Désirée Nick and Claudia Obert douse your get-togethers.

FOCUS Online Bastian Yotta has. for the individual coaching, in person, exhorted them: “Let the Finger from the alcohol”, “if you’re drinking, then I hate you”Have you removed him of his care?

Claudia Obert: I felt like a wife that gets her husband the last Chance. I’ve listened to this and didn’t have to bite all the time on the teeth, that I totlache me. It’s the everything nothing. And then it begins, as if we were married for 20 years. And shortly thereafter, you get a completely different story dished out – I took nothing more seriously.

“You get from the back of the knife in the back“

FOCUS Online Bastian Yotta it was, in fact, also, has proposed a kind of revolt, to transport you in an irregular manner from the Show – a Team would have to lose according to his idea, deliberately, to nominate you for the out of choice. What do you say?

Claudia Obert: – see how it can go in life, if you can’t get from the back of the knife in the back. The have forged your plot, but I can only say: If you dig for others a pit, falls into it himself. I have asked myself in between Yes, I have Pattex on her butt? I come here probably never get out again. But this whole Bullying from behind your back! I have not shot a Time, so a poison-filled syringe. Sat.1 Bastian Yotta went over to Claudia Obert.

“So I have a little brindled probably”

FOCUS Online : provocations on the edge, you were not embarrassed, however.

Claudia Obert: So I have a little brindled probably, Yes. It adapts to stop. In bad company to behave poorly, in a good good. Here one looks only to the bottom.

topic: “treacherous piece of tanning cream”: Désirée Nick closes with “celebrities under the palm trees”-competitors

FOCUS Online Désirée Nick, their main opponent, this time was chosen unanimously out of the house. While others still had nasty comments to the Council of Europe, have, of all things, made you her compliments, embraced her and said: “I find you class”. What was going on there?

Claudia Obert: I am a confident personality and I think that’s not the most fashionable, when you have someone of the movie gives. On the one or other tip of Désirée Nick, I was laughing for me, Yes really, you have to say. I am not went in this Show to be totally negative, and to show no human emotion, but to amuse myself and to amuse other people. Matthias has me repelled with his kind. But about Désirée and their wicked overhead I amused fixes me Often. It always looks funny and weird in everything she does. Sat.1 Désirée Nick listens to the vote of the competitors, the unanimous vote against them in the case of “celebrities under the palm trees”.

About scandal with Nick: “When something like this would not have happened, it would have been boring as hell”

FOCUS Online : There was a Situation in which it would be almost a tangibility between them. Was it really so dramatic?

Claudia Obert: I was very quiet here, and I’ve wondered why the ab’s for now, as a suppository? But if something like this would not have happened, it would have been boring as hell. The young people have really understood no fun at all. Do not go for the Laugh in the basement, the laughing at all.

FOCUS Online : the Zoff was Played not so?

Claudia Obert: is Null. It was not played. My tactics was not a tactic. I’ve thought, take the time to enjoy yourself a bit, drinking to you and is good.

Lauterbach proposes to protect against Corona home remedies – Lanz, need to laugh out loud, FOCUS Online/Wochit Lauterbach proposes to protect against Corona home remedies – Lanz, need to laugh out loud