The Japanese put up tents in apartments and drink Network

At the end of March on the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus, the Governor of Yamagata Prefecture Mieko Yoshimura appealed to residents of the region to refrain from going outside at night. The recommendation of the head of the administration was heard. However, people did not abandon entertainment, and simply skillfully adjusted to new circumstances.

Now, in the evening, colleagues and friends, pre-ordering drinks and snacks, rush to the screens of their gadgets. Fun gatherings are “under the laws of the new age” – noncontact. Help to brighten up leisure and to communicate remotely which range from Skype, Zoom and other programs.

the Journalists were shown the story of six Japanese friends. They do not have another 30 years. Young people with a loud cry of “Kampai” bring to notebooks filled with a foaming liquid the glasses, and then simultaneously drain them to the bottom. Each is a small box with food – “o-Bento”. Typically, these food sets the Japanese take to work or on the road. Online companions in a warm atmosphere to discuss local news, family troubles and even parenting.

One of the participants of fancy feast recognizes that what is happening reminds him of former gatherings in rumochnaia Japanese “izakaya”. To get together, soul talk and laugh. But he understands that now, better to stay home.

Many Japanese companies have responded to the government’s request to limit communication staff and transferred employees on udalenku. Most schools in the country until the beginning of may took a break from work. In the end, Japanese families today are forced to spend long hours in the apartments face-to-face with the household. This leads to stress and irritation.

the Most inventive Japanese have found a way out. They were installed on the balconies, and sometimes right in the living room the usual tourist tent. So much fun like children who are dragged into makeshift shelters toys, blankets and sweets. In stores surprised to note that sales of tents in recent years significantly increased. According to a major Japanese trading network, the demand for this product in early April has increased three times in comparison with the third decade of last month.

the Tent came in handy and the usual clerk’s office. After the transition to udalenku they are often difficult to get used to new conditions. Households are noisy, distracting issues interfere with focus. For such cases, approached the special tents of the cubic form, where easily fit a small Desk, a chair and a laptop. The average cost of this tent is about 10 thousand yen ($93 US). If you want you can find cheaper options.

the growth of the number infected with the coronavirus was hit hard by Japanese couples to��e planning to get married. Lovers of the rising sun in droves to cancel the ceremony due to restrictions at the time of the pandemic. However, many wedding Agency responsible for the organization of events, set the compensation fees for the cancellation or postponement of events. However, there are companies that refused to profit by the customers in a difficult period. Some firms ask customers to cover only the cost of production of a new batch of invitations, and others do not apply to penalties for the cancellation of the wedding.