The Italian was fined for walking turtles

Italian police fined the 60-year-old resident of Rome for violation of quarantine from-for a walk with a turtle, according to local media.

In contrast to the recent history of the South of France, where a local resident brought the cat on a leash, Italian just made the turtle into the air and began to walk beside her.

On one of the streets in the East of the city a couple noticed a patrol of carabinieri. After hearing the explanation women, the police found a walking turtle an optional procedure. As noted, in this connection, the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, "a tortoise is not a dog". The owner of the reptiles was given a penalty and at the direction of the carabinieri returned home, taking the turtle in his hands.

Last week, Roman police fined another local resident for a similar violation of the quarantine, she said, went in search of carrots to your rabbit.

From March 10 across Italian territory imposed quarantine measures, including a ban on the movement of people between different localities and within them, except in cases of necessity. For offenders provided penalties up to 3 million euros. Since March 12 was a ban on any trading activity: closed all outlets, including bars and restaurants, the work was continued by a food stores and supermarkets as well as pharmacies and newsagents. Tuesday in the Apennines opened bookstores, shops selling stationery and trading companies where you can purchase goods for children and newborns.

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