The Israeli Mossad had actively joined the fight against coronavirus

Israeli intelligence Agency Mossad had actively joined the fight against coronavirus. As the New York Times, its agents strive to find in the world of competitive materials and medical equipment, which the Israeli government has not provided the citizens at the beginning of the crisis. At the end of March it became known that the Mossad on a special flight brought the country 100’s of thousands of tests for coronavirus. Further deliveries provided by the Agency included 1.5 million surgical masks, thousands of masks n 95, protective suits, glasses and medications.

“the Mossad is a big support for the Israeli authorities during the crisis,” – said in an interview with German magazine FOCUS, Shlomo Spiro, an expert on terrorism and intelligence, Bar-Ilan University in tel Aviv, having a good relationship with the Israeli security apparatus.

He confirmed officially secret information that members of the Mossad around the world have lists of the necessary materials from the Ministry of health of Israel that they must obtain and bring to the country.

As reported by the German newspaper, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in early March, has included the Israeli foreign intelligence in the system of crisis management of coronavirus. From the hospital near tel Aviv, where the secret service together with other representatives of the public authorities created a temporary headquarters for the fight against the virus, the Mossad coordinated actions for the procurement of medical supplies that are lacking in Israel. According to Spiro, the internal intelligence, the Shin bet is also involved in the fight against the pandemic.

“It staff use the tracking system to track infected people, which actually is used to track the movements of suicide bombers,” – said the expert, adding that the inclusion of intelligence agencies in combating coronavirus has many advantages.

According to him, employees of the Mossad are good connections all over the world, enjoy long-term trust of its contact persons and, thus, can rapidly and flexibly to work, following instructions of the Cabinet of Ministers. This variant is highly effective in Israel, where a strong bureaucracy, so that you can’t even buy a pencil without going through a long approval process, said the expert.